New York City’s Two Dead Cops and Dissed Mayor Are A Distraction …

Mayor DiBlasio

Mayor DiBlasio

U.S. TV journalists obsession of the moment appears to be the murder of two cops in New York City. American journalists often seem to think that New York and Washington, D.C. together comprise the world. Never mind London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and the rest; they don’t matter.

Two murdered cops in say, Albuquerque, New Mexico wouldn’t attract notice elsewhere, we suppose. Nor would the cops’ wish that the mayor not attend the funerals. But in the Big Apple, those are World News. Rather pretentious. Murdered cops should not be denigrated we suppose, though in places like Mexico City that may not apply. The dissing of the Mayor, an advertised Lefty sort of extremist, seems fair; he has invited it by his dumping of prior policies. Those policies brought the city back from the brink of chaos. Before “Stop and Frisk” folk were worried about Times Square; after, it’s a tourist haven again. But the stopped and frisked minorities complained and hizzoner heard.

The Obama – Sharpton etc. axis seized upon Ferguson and poor dead Garner to launch a new round of demonstrations qua riots apparently, using garbled media reporting to send their agents into the streets with Molotov cocktails. The two dead NYC cops appear as a result of that overreach; a political backlash may be forming. The action was, we think, overrated by the media; the reaction bids fair to be likewise. Two dead cops in NYC, deplorable enough, just aren’t that important in historical reality. Neither is the Mayor. If anything, he is less so in spades. All of this is naught by the reflex actions of political opportunists wishing to govern over the head of Congress via media.

The reality underlying all this carefully manufactured hysteria, seems to us to be the cold fact that nowadays, more people seem to be killing more people, for reasons of diminishing importance. Nor does that seem at all unpredictable – nor likely to be much discussed.

Consider: If say, 14 year old and up incipient moms are encouraged to off inconvenient nascent babies and the government is foisting “end of life planning” on the elderly, how can we be surprised by folk who assume life or death are subject to their convenience? Particularly when the headlines are full of examples. Human life, once seen as sacred, is now a commodity. If you have been schooled to see the cops as oppressors, depriving you of your entitlements, killing them is a community service, is it not? Particularly when you have been ‘educated’ in the injustice of historical lynchings.

The deaths of two innocent cops in New York and the dissing of Mayor DeBlasio are not important. They are symptoms publicized by the media while it ignores the disease that has caused them. Just as the media obsessed over Ebola patients coming to the U.S. instead of pursuing therapy for the disease.

Western, post-Christian society no longer holds human life sacred; that is the bottom line … but that isn’t news. And in turn, that assures an ascending scale of such deaths …or so it seems to us.

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