Will The Ferguson Financiers Accept Their Fizzle, Or Buy More Gasoline For Their Fire?

GasolineThousands marched we are told, in Washington, D.C, New York, Boston and doubtless other places in protest of police killing “unarmed young blacks.” Never mind that the cases being used to cover the demonstrations will not hold water; the media lighted them up and the resulting crises are not to be wasted.

Closer inquiry says that Al Sharpton, he of the high income and amazingly low taxes paid, has organized these shows, bringing multi-busloads of ‘demonstrators’ into Washington. We doubt that the imported performers are paying for their rides, though of course, we don’t know. We hear too, that the Rev. Al has struggled to load his buses. If the resulting ‘marches’ are less than promised however, we don’t expect the media to notice any more than it has noticed Rev. Als’ unpaid taxes.

The Obama Administration, very much including the ‘resigned’ Attorney General Holder, is lined up behind White House Guest Sharpton in the current push to control local police operations. If no unfair police actions are available now, no problem, ignore that and folk will believe you … Josef Goebbles, Hitler’s propaganda chief, said so and he was hardly the first. Or as climate scientists seem to put it these days: “If the facts disagree with the theory, get new facts!”

We heard that there were a few arrests in Boston; we have heard little from New York or Washington. Maybe the opportunism using Ferguson and Garner is fading like the earlier opportunism of “Occupy Wall Street.” An organized and financed demonstration is one thing; a truly spontaneous uprising, another. All those buses lined up in Washington, D.C. tell us which Sharptons’ show really is.

It is hardly new in history to try to govern via populism, our technology has made it easier and cheaper, that’s all. The Democrats are using the Presidents’ perpetual TV face and street demos to steer things their way … but the public doesn’t seem to be falling into the prescribed line.

Will the folk behind these shows back off their failing productions? Or will they double down and hit the violence escalation button? The “Occupay” fizzled and faded. The Ferguson seems to be fizzling as well. Stay tuned …


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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