Barack Obama Is No King, Even If He Acts Like One Sometimes …

King ObamaWe hear that President Obama (The First Media President?) is acting as a ruler and intends to declare martial law and rule from there. We recall that General Motors was reported to have a 100 mule per gallon carburetor design squirreled away to be used later. And that aliens had crashed on earth and beenhidden by the government.

President Obama might much like becoming an emperor, you might too. Neither is likely, seems to us. The U.S. government has been stable under its two party system for a while now; few interests will be rewarded by changing that. And it is all about interests, the reason that the recent lid on campaign spending by corporations is lifted in the new spending bill just approved by the (GOP) House. Those interests do not wish to see an Emperor.

They have thrived in the stability of the two party system, that has anesthetized voters by changing names and faces while the same policies proceed. Those few paying attention will have noted that no policy, however extreme and opposed at its inception, has been repealed when the opposition has taken charge. Well, except for repealing a central bank a couple of times.  And while both sides have deplored the procession of American public education into brain washing, the progression has not been slowed by either political party.

Most currently, the GOP controlled House has just voted to fully fund both Obamacare and the Presidents’s open borders program, which violates existing law. It was once said: ” In vino, veritas.” That was Latin indicating that only drunks spoke truth.  In Congress today, funding rather than wine, is the root of truth. The words of Congressfolk are trusted at your peril; that for which they spend, may be believed.

The House approved (and the Senate will, we believe) full funding for the Presidents’s open borders and his healthcare. Never mind that neither is affordable, government policy has been reducing American living standards since the 1970’s when they sent former housewives to work.

There are two ways of rectifying large disparity between rich and poor: One may pull the poor toward wealth as America did in its 19th century or one may pull the wealthy toward poverty as seems the present policy, although the middle class is the victim rather than the truly wealthy .

Regardless, Barack Obama will go his way at the end of his term, to be replaced in his turn by another Democrat, most likely as the Republicans will have worn out their welcome by then, as they have before. And the comedy will proceed until it collapses of its own unreality, a future not far off for financial reasons if not for any others.

It is amazing, the things we are supposed to believe:

1. We can continue indefinitely, spending more than our income.

2. We can maintain the world’s highest living standard while shipping our productive industry to China and Mexico. and paying marginal workers more than they actually earn, by law.

3. And we can maintain that living standard while importing millions of cheaper laborers to compete with citizens.

So nobody wants President Obama to be a “President for Life” and we suspect, that includes him. He will be replaced, with relief, in 2016. But no matter who steps in, we expect continuity of significant policy as that has been the past. The name on those policies, is much less important.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Barack Obama Is No King, Even If He Acts Like One Sometimes …

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    Another dose of clarity. Thank you.

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