Who Can Afford Beef Anymore?

Dead HorseLittle (in population) New Mexico ranks low among the United States; it is nearly as poor as last place Mississippi. There is naturally, in a universe governed under physical laws, a reason for that. A current news story may illustrate that reason: “New Mexico Attorney General Takes Meat Packer To Court” is the local headline. You may read more here. And more.

Here is what we believe: First, the Democrats took New Mexico from the Republicans over a half century past, when Hollywood and New York rich ‘Progressives’ supplanted local mining and ranching folk. Political conservatives’ money was outbid by liberal new money. The local population was politically dominated by the descendants of Spanish/Mexican colonists who, once freed of the moneyed miners and ranchers, supported Democrats. And Democrats have mostly been in charge ever since.

Serious ranchers aren’t sentimental about horses, or much else. They can’t afford sentimentality. But ‘artists’ and Hollywood part time ranchers are a different breed. They launch into orbit upon the idea that a horse might be eaten. Cows, fine. Pigs if you like, fish, chickens … but never horses! Horses are for riding by the elite and especially their teen daughters, who would never understand a horse steak. It is not even to be considered!

Never mind that New Mexico desperately needs jobs. Never mind that horse is eaten regularly elsewhere. Never mind that herds of wild horses regutarly die in New Mexico of thirst and/or starvation and are thus wasted. When a meat packer attempted to open a horsemeat packing plant in the state, the New Mexico dominant political Left rose in righteous indignation to prevent it.

Valley Meat had secured all the requisite Federal permits and was ready to roll; the poor state evidently doesn’t need more employment. This is an interesting archetype to be explained by those claiming that government is the salvation of the poor.However, that particular explanation appears to be on hold just now.

We have eaten, along with elk, deer, alligators, rattlesnakes and crayfish, bison  … and horse. The horse is better. Many find it superior to cow. But regardless, we defy anyone who eats beef, to explain why one should not eat horse. It is pure sentiment. The elite horse-owning set wish to avoid offending their horse loving daughters by allowing horsemeat. So all others must do without the jobs and/or he protein. You can’t eat a horse! Her Highness might be offended!

So the New Mexico Attorney General (A Democrat) takes a prospective horsemeat packer to court to prevent this awful event. And likewise, so little New Mexico is a poor state … and evidently, likely to remain so. And the wild horses will continue to die of thirst or starvation on the range.

Since the movie “Soylent Green” presented the idea of eating people for these selfsame reasons applicable to horse, folk have caviled at the argument. But the fact remains that people don’t taste very good, per all reports while horses incontrovertibly, do. And who can afford beef these days?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Who Can Afford Beef Anymore?

  1. Interesting. It is tough when government starts stepping in to stop business because of some sort of ethical bias. I remember a story from India about this guy who spent decades petitioning his government for the right to be a pedal cab. He had to prove how his business would benefit his area, why it was a morally valid choice, etc, etc, and all the red tape and bureaucracy just kept him trapped in poverty for years. Apparently this is normal where he lives, you have to fight your own government for the right to provide for yourself.

  2. Maggie Frazier says:

    Perhaps with a little research – you might find a reason or two why we DONT eat horsemeat! I’m no “liberal elite” – did have a horse for 16 years. And during that time, when he got hurt – he got bute – he was wormed & given meds when he needed them – fly sprayed in summer – most if not all of these are “not for food animals”! Honestly, no I wouldn’t eat horsemeat & I wouldn’t send any of my animals to slaughter. But that’s my right. It seems the EU has now stopped (or will by March) shipments of horsemeat coming from Mexico. Check out their reasons. I do agree our government – whether Democrat or Republican – needs watching. The politicians all have their own agendas – usually NOT ours!

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