When Women Feared Mice, Guns Didn’t Stop Traffic …

A MouseSome may recall the time when a housewife (if you recall housewives) was expected to scream and leap onto a chair at sight of a mouse. The fear was supposed to be that the little critter might seek shelter by running up under her skirts, female pants being a future fashion at that time. Cartoonists of that period had much fun with this.

Today, women have replaced skirt with pants and are no longer particularly frightened of mice; they are instead, afraid of guns. The shift has been inculcated by the Left, that cavils at any potential resistance to the almighty State. Public education has provided a major tool for the changes in beliefs.

That the change has occurred can’t be denied. In New Mexico recently, a young man walked down a street with a pellet gun, shooting at (inanimate) target of opportunity. No one was threatened, no meaningful property damage occurred. Nevertheless, the police were called.

We divert from this breathless, frightening suspense story for a moment to discuss pellet guns, the variety of gun carried by our suspect. A pellet gun is a more sophisticated version of the classic boy’s BB gun. Bot are air rifles; the projectile is propelled by a puff of air, not by gunpowder. Both can wound or blind an eye, though neither is a killing weapon for large creatures. And both make a distinctive sound to anyone familiar with firearms. Now, back to our tale:

The police did not leap onto a chair creaming; they closed off streets and locked down buildings in the vicinity while initiating a manhunt for the supposed mass killer. They know guns are dangerous; they are under Federal supervision for the killings they have perpetrated themselves. Whomever had called them likely waited in fear and trembling as this dance proceeded. Nothing and nobody turned up.

The perpetrator has been identified and is now sought on a collection of charges having nothing to do with his gun. Carrying a pellet gun on the street is not illegal in New Mexico per the report. The charges basically amount to scaring people. He will be found, fined and likely put onto probation, he may even be locked up for a short while but we doubt that. There are a lot of guns in New Mexico, though it is a largely Democratic state. At bottom, his crime consists of frightening folk via a gun at a time when guns are under attack by the political Left. He was enjoying himself in a (perfectly harmless) fashion at a time when that fashion is disapproved by our social leaders. He will pay for his misjudgment.

We recall growing up in Los Angeles outskirts; we would return from school and go out hunting –with a pellet gun– doves and quail and other small game in our neighborhood. Housewives existed then; we were from time to time, cautioned not to “put anyone’s eye out” with our weapon. Nobody called the police or locked down anyplace or closed off streets. Some inquired whether we had collected any game. This went on for most of the boys in the area for the years of our growing up.

The evident change in mindset from them until now, appears to be largely a result of public education, that seems, while decreasingly able to educate citizens, increasingly able to form their attitudes into politically correct patterns.

The American Constitution is very specific about maintaining an armed populace but that Constitution has been replaced with nine appointed Justices and no longer resembles its origin. Time passes; things change. Ladies were afraid of mice …

It’s notabe that guns never kill anyone; i’s the nut holding the gun … or the cop or drunk or whatever. But somehow, we are focussed upon the tool these days rather than upon he wielder. Once, we locked up the nuts; now we leave them loose, hoping that they take their meds. One just attacke a Jewish synagogue in Brooklyn, stabbing a student. We should outlaw knives, right? And call the cops and impose a lockdown whenever one turns up …  And then, cars kill far more than guns every year …and returning to horse transport would be great for the planet, right?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to When Women Feared Mice, Guns Didn’t Stop Traffic …

  1. A story came out of India some years ago that low status women were often raped by high status men. The women’s men got so fed up that they paid for their women folk to learn to shoot. The rapes stopped.

  2. james teague says:

    It was an Assault knife wasn’t it! I knew it before I read about it because who needs to know what really happened? Those kinds knives are far worse than regular hunting knives as they can be use multiple times after removing the first blood. I know this because I watched “The House of Flying Daggers” twice so I’m an expert on the dangers of knives. The perpetrator may have to stop stabbing for a minute or two and breakout their Arkansas flat stone to get an new edge, but hey, even with fast police response times an Assault knife user can carve way more than normal. Cities need to start buy back programs immediately to remove these weapons from the mean streets before another child gets hurt. Not one child more! Use your fingers people!

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