Obama Was Against Bush’s Wars … Until He Was For Them?

Was It Your War Or Your Doctor That I Said You Could Keep?

Was It Your War Or Your Doctor That I Said You Could Keep?

More troops we are told, will stay in Afghanistan . We are afraid that we understand why. A news story today said that the United States will give Pakistan over a billion dollars in aid next year. Pakistan created and housed the Taliban whose fighters the U.S. opposes in Afghanistan, though that ‘country’ had never attacked the U.S.

President Obama announced the removal of American troops and proceeded with that. He sent drones into Pakistan to kill Taliban in their sanctuary. And when the Afghan government would not grant American military immunity from corrupt local cops and judges, the withdrawal proceeded. So has the resurgence of terrorism.

Afghanistan has never been a real country; it is a composite of tribes that do not work together. The ancient kings and modern presidents have rule Kabul and environs, not the country. And the entire place is Corruption Central, with large portions of government and therefore, American aid money stolen by officials. When the Russians invaded in 1979, their invasion lasted nine years and but for their own activities, they left the place much as they found it. So too have the Americans.

The payback for the lives and dollars left in Afghanistan is as close to non-existent as it gets, seems to us. And the bill lays on the backs of future generations of Americans who must repay the mostly borrowed money that has paid for it and for the enormous corruption and yes, even for the opium trade to a degree. That’s what you’re buying if you support the Afghan ‘government.’

Now, we have more years of financing a sinkhole to no obvious purpose in both Afghanistan and Pakistan with money that our governors do not have available. Yes, Pakistan is a nuclear power but handing it money hasn’t resolved that and won’t. Sorry about that …

So President Obama, who campaigned against ‘Bush’s wars” is now pursuing both the Iraq and Afghan campaigns himself, with even less ability to pay for them than Bush possessed. And much less hope for any worthwhile result.

How do you tell the difference these days, between Democrats and Republicans?  We note that, given the party split in Congress, both parties have voted to fund all his, or it couldn’t have occurred … So, does the popular vote really change anything?

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