Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother week; another selection for your pleasure, annoyance or just consideration:

The ‘Chokehold ’ applied to Eric Garner in New York before he died, was in fact a hold but not a choking hold, according to a new report. It did not restrict breathing, which may explain how Garner was able to complain that he couldn’t breathe. (Does the media care about reality anymore?)

For those who appreciate history and irony: As Britain backs away from its always tentative EU participation, Germany looms larger as first among equals. Seems after two world wars, Europe has finally surrendered to the Germans … Folk willing to work rather than depend upon the government. Capping the irony, Germany is the birthplace of Social Security and while better off than the rest, is in financial straits itself. Its ‘victory’ may well recall King Pyrrhus …

Uber  ride sharing service is banned from Nevada, where it is viewed as both a threat to traditional taxi services and a threat to public safety. We suppose Nevada banned early Fords as a threat to horses and buggies …

The EPA  spent $700,000 reducing pig flatulence in Thailand. (We are speechless.)

Kentucky public schools have announced that  on snow days, instruction will be provided at students’ homes, via the Internet.  The bureaucrat behind this logical and economical idea will be hanged by he unions, no doubt. If it works for snow days, why not all the time? Consider the savings! (But don’t hold your breath.)

The U.S.  Treasury   issued 1 Trillion in new debt to ‘pay off’ old debt over an 8 week period. Wall Street calls this “rolling over” debt and it is common … until the lenders get scared and won’t accept new debt anymore. Things then become very ugly at once. How long do you expect lenders to the U.S. to play this game?

EU Countries  (Netherlands, France, Italy) have recalled their gold stored in U.S. government vaults. So did the largest creditor, Germany, but the U.S. Treasury convinced Germany to drop the request. Why would Europeans decide not to store their gold in the U.S. anymore?

In New York City, 78% of the Abortions have been black and Hispanic babies. Unarguably, those people are sacrificing their children in favor of whites and Asians.

At Chicago’s Midway Airport , the TSA security check line was, on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, over one mile long. Government service, at its best …

To prevent having to compete with   AliBaBa, Chin’s response to Amazon, U.S. retailers are pushing Congress to tax the Internet such that purchases from the Chinese giant would cost more instead of less than U.S. prices. (Ain’t  it sad that U.S. shoppers lack Congressional lobbyists of their own?)

N. Korea is developing nuclear missile submarines. (Will it sell some to ISIS or use them itself?)

Several million Refugees  from the fighting in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya  etc. have just lost their main food supplier, the U.N. since that body has run out of funds. (Things are never so bad that they can’t get worse …)

Chicago   5 dead, 14 wounded Thanksgiving w/e.

Los Angeles has sued to ban Pot Delivery  to be supplied by an app similar to Uber. The city can’t be afraid of pot, which permeates the place via Mexican cartels; it must be afraid of new jobs …

Minnesota   is planning elimination of all gender differences in high school sports. Ought to be interesting … and  good for  business, too. Especially trauma wards and abortion clinics …

The Supreme Court will consider what if any, accommodation will be required, when an employee becomes pregnant. The case involves a UPS delivery truck driver. This is an old problem that used to be resolved by employers. Whatever the result, it ought to be interesting for the military …

In Russia , the combination of low prices for oil exports and NATO trade sanctions over Ukraine  have forced the government into bank bailouts. A Russia increasingly desperate remains also increasingly dangerous, seems to us. Putin is doing no favors to the world, his country and likely, himself.

A naked woman in a tree resulted in arrest for a meth dealer …  (No, the tree did not complain)

And so the recent week; a collection of signposts on reality road just for you …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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  1. Michael says:

    For the high school sports in minnesota, will they have separate showers? If they are the same then why segregate them? How are women going to wear wrestling unis? I bet that improves the sports popularity.

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