The GOP: How To Oppose Immigration Without Being Deprived Of It …

immigrationThe Democrats want as many million illegal aliens imported, working and ultimately voting as possible. President Obama has made that unarguable. Republicans resemble a young girl long pledged to the boy next door, suddenly rushed by the son of the wealthy Mayor. They have given their word to their voters who oppose amnesty but their donors insist on it. In such cases, someone must end disappointed.

The GOP leadership knows upon which side its toast is buttered; it is with the Democrats, committed to amnesty. The GOP’s Tea Party minority and some new replacements for ‘moderate’ ie liberal Republicans and Democrats definitely do not want amnesty nor any camouflaged substitute. So the newly minted Congressional majority is squirming desperately to pretend that it will oppose the President’s program in any possible manner, so long as their actions don’t interfere with the arrivals expected from the south. The House bill passed Tuesday ‘to block’ the President’s executive amnesty will never be law; it is but a step in a political dance aimed at convincing voters that the party wishes to close the borders — the last thing its leaders will support.

Europe’s political leaders know that their welfare states cannot be financed any better than was managed by their Soviet predecessors: Today’s Greece, Spain, Portugal et al are ongoing (and ignored) proof. The United States is no different; its leaders know that, too. But no one is willing to say in public that a third of the social welfare must be eliminated. And it may turn out closer to a half, anyway. Imagine campaigning on that set of political promises? So they lie or ignore as they are able.

And of course, work to bring in cheap labor to help lower the overpriced living standard. And vote Democrat, naturally. But the GOP need to accomplish that while blaming the Dems and the Dems need to do it without being blamed; how better than to let the Prez pull it off? Politicians with pro-immigration voters can support the President and those with anti-immigration constituencies can trash him and still see the illegals pouring in. A political have and eat your cake if there ever was one.

So long as the public doesn’t find out and wonder why the GOP is funding the President’s program. As quietly and invisibly as possible, naturally. Sneakily, even. Fox News could blow the whole thing by announcing on the air the details of how President Obama’s ‘Executive Amnesty’ is being financed while it is happening. Will Fox do so? We dunno. Any bets? We do note that Fox nor any others seem to dwell on the ultimate effect of immigration upon a declining economy. No how hordes of newcomers bent upon working for lower wages in order to acquire jobs from better educated locals works out. No news value in that, we suppose …North American wealth, diluted with South American poverty, so to speak. Unlike headline, right?

What’s really sad about it all: When enough immigrants from poverty have arrived, they will have made a replica of that from which they originally fled. North America and Europe will appear pretty much like the rest of the world after the ‘Progressives’ are finished… But that will finally be true equality, won’t it …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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