Bill Cosby, Lovable Serial Rapist Of 30 Years Ago?

Jekyll HydeEveryone’s uncle Bill Cosby, paterfamilias extraordinaire a rapist? Certainly not! And the accusation is 30 years old and without any supporting evidence, at least to date. But then another materialized from that long darkness, and another and more. Now, we have a lawsuit from a woman claiming that she was raped by Doctor Cosby, PhD at the Playboy Mansion when she was but 15. An attorney has reportedly said that Dr.. Cosby should set up a fund for his victims, $100 million worth. Some of Doctor Cosby’s current appearances and business relationships have canceled, sans evidence and sans trial. That much smoke, must be a fire, right?

Well, maybe so and maybe not. One woman started this, the others fell in behind and we’d be that they all want money. Any takers? Teachers are known to demand or be offered sex for grades; the Hollywood casting couch is infamous (at least one of the claimants was an aspiring actress). And we inquire, what was a 15 year old doing at the Playboy Mansion, the then sex  capital of the universe? Did she have “15” painted on her forehead?

We expect that we will never know the reality, so we have to make it up from the various unbelievable allegations, few seeming to come from Doctor Cosby. We will do our best, feel free to disagree. It’s all theory.

We note that the good Doctor is a black political/social conservative, from his public pronouncements. Such are ever targets of the current media, as their fellow liberal blacks are ordinarily not. Perhaps with President Obama being taken down, a black conservative must be seen to accompany him? Dunno. I’m wearing my aluminum foil head covering. Most likely, the media need headlines and don’ care about details. Recent Ferguson coverage certainly suggest it.

So, knowing nothing, this is what we suppose:

First, we suppose that the good Doctor is not so squeaky clean as his image suggests. We know that he is intelligent, we expect that he built his image with care and effort. But tell us, what was a squeaky-clean exemplar doing at the Playboy Mansion? We suspect that we know. The same thing that all the other ‘celebrities’ there were doing. Hugh Hefner had created the world A – list whore house, seems to us. Not that he lacked Hollywood competition. So Doctor Cosby is no saint.

Still, that does not make the women into victims. It has been ignored after all, for 30 years. No evidence whatsoever has been mentioned so far. Cosby has money; we assume his accusers lack it. And it all seems to have flourished around an attorney with an aggressive reputation, from what we have read so far. Frankly, we’re not very impressed. Neither with Doctor Cosby nor with his belated accusers.

We suspect that Doctor Cosby was less than an honest Family Man and we suspect that his accusers may be grasping opportunists today and probably were when they had sex (or did not have sex) with Doctor Cosby. Of course, we don’t know. But that is how we parse the human reality over which this is playing out.

We do wonder though, just why is this 30 year old, unsupported allegation suddenly considered front page news? And we wonder how many other ‘celebrities’ could be cast in the same performance, but with considerably more evidence?  Hmnn …  Whom is the real victim here, if there is one?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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  1. james teague says:

    Gloria needs more money and attention. The tears in today’s photo probably came from a predipped hanky.

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