Where Ends The Road Through Ferguson, MO?

A Federal Camel Converses With A Local Arab About Te Use Of A Tent

A Federal Camel Converses With A Local Arab About Te Use Of A Tent

We have wondered what Ferguson, a costly, labor-intensive and well planned project, was aimed to achieve. That it is not the “understandable spontaneous uprising” we are supposed to assume, is clear. We believe a primary goal is now visible; you may decide for yourself.

The President spoke prominently of unfair policing when he spoke of Ferguson. His henchman Eric  Holder responded: The Department of Justice is releasing a guide for all local police to follow, a guide that the now resigned but not departed Attorney General says will end racial profiling. Parse the phrasing a bit and you get: Follow this or be in big trouble with the Federal government. An offer that the local police really can’t refuse, right? And no doubt it will be accompanied by healthy helpings of Federal cash and access to free or at least cheap, weapons and equipment for law enforcers that remain Federally approved.

So we assume that at least one goal of Ferguson is the addition of local police departments to health care, education (Common Core) and any other heretofore independent local government now falling into line under the Big Fed Santa Claus in Washington, D.C.

If one visits China, France, Mexico or most any place that doesn’t speak English, one finds that local governments are distant appendages of the national government, not independent units of a separate, sovereign state as the U.S. Constitution has it. Or perhaps, had it. But Federal Marshals never deferred happily to local Sheriffs in the days of yore, nor does the FBI defer to the police Chief in Ferguson. The citizens of Ferguson of course, are not consulted. The White House had already instructed the Governor of Missouri, a Democrat who had called in the National Guard but had not deployed it to Ferguson, according to some sources. Afterward, the Governor denied that White House pressure was involved in the Guard’s absence during the first night of rioting and destruction. But it’s becoming difficult to tell whether the local cops or sheriff represents the local voters, or Big Daddy in D.C. these days.

America’s Founders tried, no doubt with more hope than faith, to separate government into branches: Executive, legislative and Judicial — that would limit the reach of each. They assigned sovereignty to several states and the people, to leave the central government with only delegated powers, a further step to keep it too weak to become a tyrant. Yet today’s U.S. government has leashed the states and bought the citizens with their own money. It is now sweeping the remaining loose ends into line as obedient dependents of Washington. The Founders’ failed experiment is reverting to the historical median.

One step remains before America will differ only in name from Russia and even China: control of election outcomes. As it is the local governments that count the votes, that has not ye been fully accomplished. But noting that Democrats and Republicans both want open borders and easy illegal entree and only the citizens are opposed to that, the sang froid with which Congress seems prepared to ignore the citizens’ desires may be a clue towards the future sanctity of voting. The U.S. is becoming similar to the rest in so many other ways, how long can it avoid matching that one?

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