Is Immigration The Next Crisis? Or Is Ferguson To Last A While?

CrisisA few weeks back, we were sweating the possible arrival of more Ebola patients in the U.S. Just before that, we were anxious that ISIS might start blowing up Americans. Still earlier, the concern was Russia’s badly camouflaged grab for chunks of Ukraine.  Etc. Today we are concerned over the government-labeled “racial” events in Ferguson, MO. Those are the events du jour provided by our news sources in the ‘major media.’

So we inquire: What, after the media switched from Ukraine to ISIS, occurred in Ukraine? What is the current status of ISIS? What is now happening to Ebola patients? Or have all the nasty ISIS thugs died of Ebola, maybe? Have the Russian masked marauders gone shamefacedly home, promising to behave? Difficult, if you are a patron of American mass ‘news,’ to tell. Ferguson is what matters now.

Never mind that Ferguson is a trumped-up second act after the “Occupy Wall Street” flop. Never mind that it appears as a Federally pimped, media-driven lynching of an innocent white cop, a piece of political theater produced by opportunists without regard for truth or the lives of individuals. And never mind Ukraine, ISIS and Ebola that have gone out of fashion.

Seems to us, that the governance of the U.S. and for that matter, Europe, China, Russia and a bunch of other places has morphed into an ongoing show; a soap opera of shifting subjects but always the same players: Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boehner, McConnel and the various talking heads of the media. It is the grand, old governmental tradition: ‘Bread and Circuses’ updated to the digital age.

The media fills the air, the Internet and the remaining printed pages with the desired crisis and delivers the government’s message about it with praise and support from all but the designated enemy at Fox News. And Fox sticks to the script, dwelling endlessly upon the desired subject. Some few are appointed to be critics for the sake of plausibility, seems to us but in general, the script is followed. When the preparation is sufficient, the government issues its planned ‘reaction’ onto the now prepared ground, often with a Presidential speech. President Obama appears to us to have made more speeches than the last ten of his predecessors together.

The next area of broadcast/Internet electronic governance appears to be immigration; the Presidential executive order and its attendant publicity give the impression of preparing the ground for a new ‘crisis.’ We suppose that it should be notable that at every stage of the progressions of these events, endless polls are taken to determine the popular reaction. Those results we suppose to affect what happens next at each step. All this seems as our grandparents might have put it, “A hell of a way to run a railroad!”

We noted a ‘discussion’ on immigration over cable news this evening; one side reported Republicans wishing to shut down the government in response to the President’s open border; another went on about the abused and impoverished folk arriving and their need and their right to our help. No one considered the cost of such policies or where the funding would be found for open immigration. It was pure emotional manipulation of the audience.

Those deploring such governance are perhaps omitting a reference to the knowledge base of today’s average college, let alone high school, graduates, at least so far as history, economics and politics are concerned. It’s a perfect fit.

We do indeed, end with the government that we deserve … More’s the pity!

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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