The Dove Of Peace … Roasting Over A Slow Fire

War and PeaceGreat power is seldom overcome; it dies from within before the jackals come in to consume the remains. The Rome that was finally overcome by invaders was a relic, a remnant and even then, remained distinct enough to produce the Christian West … or as we prefer to identify it today, “the West.”

Having advanced the living standard of the world with its civil order and technology, the West is now under general attack from four implacable enemies, incontrovertible evidence that indeed, no good deed goes unpunished. Those enemies are implacable because they cannot coexist with the Christian West; they cannot compete with it either and they are altogether aware of that.  They are, in no special order:

1. Islam,

2. Russia,

3. China and

4. Anti-Christian Westerners.

The total of those enemies adds to the majority of earth’s population. The most threatening are the fourth listed,who are working from within what they wish to alter beyond recognition. A thing, we hasten to add, that they have every right to attempt.

China was the home of the first technological revolution we can identify; it was stillborn for political reasons. In Europe, it took hold several centuries later and we enjoy those results. Political differences were a large part of the success as they had been in China’s failure. And the political differences were largely reflective of Christianity as a shared instruction set in what was for long, called Christendom.

Christianity and Islam are trembling under the onslaught of modernity; the floodlights of science are pitiless and indiscriminate. Christians are abjuring the more restrictive of their beliefs to pursue what is now less risky sexual license and politically urged irresponsibility; a reprise of the Israelites when Moses went up the mountain for the Ten Commandments. The behavioral code they have shared is seen as too confining and the final split from the orthodox came with convenience abortion.

Islam demands submission and is intolerant of questions, modernity threatens it more directly than it does Christianity. The increasing resort to terrorism is the start of its death throes, the terminal disease of internal contradictions refusing to be suppressed. The questions multiply as communications and travel inform multitudes of their comparative poverty and subjugation by dictators. The corpses piling up in the Middle East are symptomatic.

Worldwide Islam has one commonality: It considers itself at war with the West and blames the West for its failures. The current Western propaganda about the “religion of peace” is a Western political tool that in fact, is not only presently untrue, but has never in fact existed.

Russia is reverting to its anti-Western cold war stance while increasing its invasion of neighboring Ukraine.   China  is ramping up its anti-Western rhetoric while expanding its borders into the China Sea at the expense of weaker neighbors. While the two are historical opponents along a shared border, they are currently joined by shared anti-Western attitudes and mutual economic need in the face of NATO sanctions and U.S. support for Japan, South Korea and others China sees as obstacles.

Restive populations in Russia and China are likely contributors toward those countries’ external aggressions of the moment; given the world economic slowing (largely unreported) and the evident weakening of Western economies, there is little reason to expect peace to break out soon.

The West, nee Christendom, is following Rome into history and the jackals are moving in, per the historical script. We are an audience that has seen it all before, but seemingly never tires of revivals …

Perhaps things would seem better if we added another glass of wine at supper.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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3 Responses to The Dove Of Peace … Roasting Over A Slow Fire

  1. Just a comment on a tiny part of your discussion. The rigid societies, eg Muslim and Chinese stifled progress to a standstill, with resulting stagnation. The West after the Black Death broke feudalism had a nice balance of conservatism and progressivism – the political mind-set of most Westerners. The rigid societies were tyrannies. But the ruling class everywhere want the same things – wealth, power, everyone else their slaves, and to be above the law. A vulnerability of social progress/change are the social tensions and functional fractures which occur while society adapts to the new circumstances. Too rapid change is generally destructive. What if ruling class elements in the West, looking enviously at the demi-god status of elites in 3rd world countries, decided societies that worked for the majority of their citizens were not in their interests. How to break a functioning society? Take advantage of “progress”. Drive the train of progress faster and faster until society falls to bits. You end up with the fascist-anarchy of tyrannical Latin American countries BUT the ruling elite are rolling in clover. And you hid your destruction under the cloak of good-will to all men (political correctness).

  2. penniewoodfall says:

    The Last Supper? 🙂

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