Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannA week and an U.S. election having blown by, find herewith the bits that stuck to our sieve:

Ministers  in Idaho  will perform gay weddings or be jailed. A 90 year old man and two ministers  in Florida will stop feeding homeless people or face jail in the land of the free. Hmnn … Economist Martin Armstrong  reacted to this by predicting civil unrest in America as the economy goes into undeniable decline next year.  He’s been pretty good predicting  economic events, so far …

Russia is scaring the pants off Poland.  President  Putin  is being accused of reverting to the cold war (Not so cold in Ukraine with dead folk now in thousands) and even   Gorbachev has spoken, agreeing with the assessment. Putin meanwhile, is sending  tanks into Ukraine to reinforce the troops he claims aren’t there at all.    Finland   joined the warning chorus; Russia  responded by moving missiles and rockets to its border with Ukraine. China is indulging in similar behavior toward its neighbors. None of this is news, per U.S. media. Why, do you suppose, is that?

Note: The election is over; so apparently, are Ebola and ISIS. How dumb do they think we actually are? (We really need no response here …)

Both CNN and MSNBC ratings came in below the morning show at the Weather Channel. Well, it’s a grace note to die quietly, right?

We’re told that some 50% of today’s  Occupations will not exist by 2025; machines will  take over the work. Nobody mentions that the expensive machines are only cost effective under high wages. Mentioning that economic (hence, dismal) fact might affect the currently popular push for higher minimum wages, right?

Turkey declared that it has a holy mission to protect the al – Aqsa mosque (which is in Jerusalem). Protect it from what? Israelis?  C’mon – Why are Jews so paranoid?

Huntsville Schools    Paid $175,000 to an ex FBI agent for security services, including monitoring students social media – that led to 14 expulsions; 12 were blacks. Will this be the next stop for the Ferguson ‘protesters’?

A solar electrical generating plant applied for a Federal grant – in order to pay off a Federal loan. Couldn’t  make the loan payments, right? Let taxpayers pay …

An   Actress  who fought with L.S. police blamed her subsequent arrest on Ferguson and society … (Yes, she appears to be black, from the video.) We note however, that spoiled brats come in all colors.

A few spontaneous cures of AIDS/HIV are now providing hope for developing a therapy for this disease.

Rage: A woman driver clipped another driver who took a Wal Mart parking spot for which the first driver was waiting. (Feminists used to say that only guys did things like that, right?)

A   Man , using his wife’s urine to fool a drug test, discovered that she was pregnant.

In  Brussels, over 100,000 people demonstrated against cuts in government  benefits, including some violence. (Never mind that the government lacks the money)  Guess what large North American country is in the exact same pickle?  (But is presently ignoring that.)

In San Francisco, a Naked Man   leaped roof-to-roof , broke into an upstairs bedroom and bit both members of a sleeping couple. Maybe he awoke with the munchies?

Chicago: Our apologies; we did not track the numbers shot dead in the gun-control capital this week. We assume it was up to the usual standard …

And so escapes the old week, used-up, tired and no doubt glad to depart. We hope that something here has attracted your attention …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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