The Republicans Are Coming! (So, What?)

ChangeThe Prez just pointed to how much better off we are since he took over and in response, the voters hired a bunch of unimpressive Republicans to run things. Maybe a result of not being able to keep their doctors? So, what is going to happen under the new management?

Hell, we haven’t a clue. Perish the thought though, that being clueless leaves us without an opinion. You have an opinion, why shouldn’t we? We will together, both see and pay for, the facts when they come in. Here is what we expect:

Obamacare: Most of the new Senators replacing Democrats ran on repealing the Affordable Care Act. We expect that it will not be repealed; it will be ‘fixed.’ That is, the GOP will adjust the more impossible aspects, just as would the Dems had they retained power. The Republicans will crow about this, but the fact that President Obama ultimately signs it will give them their lie.

ISIS et al: The Republicans never met a war they didn’t like and contrary to popular myth, neither have the Democrats. The Prez will go after ISIS with Congressional blessing, paid for with money your grandkids haven’t earned yet.

The Prez will appoint outrageous candidates for government posts, the GOP Senate will refuse to conform them or at least, some of them. But some will quietly sneak through while the media isn’t paying attention. (And neither are voters.) This may keep Eric Holder at the Department of Justice for quite a while.

The Republican-controlled Congress will continue to fund (quietly) the outrageous spending that the GOP has denounced and will continue to denounce.

Unless it somehow becomes a public scandal, the ineptly progressing Common Core takeover of local and private education by the Feds will continue.

Costly ‘Climate Change’ programs will not be enacted but those already in place, will not be repealed unless they stir public fuss or massive donor rebellion.

Illegal immigration will continue though more quietly; the President’s program will be headed off to some extent but without closing the borders. “Much sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

The GOP will send the Prez just enough previously stalled measures for him to veto that they can claim he prevents them from accomplishing their goals.

The Prez will use Executive Orders for unpopular objectives; the GOP will say there’s nothing they can do.

The Republicans will defund the Dem’s friends and fund their own. The Dems will scream discrimination, lack of compassion, etc. The taxpayers will continue to pay more than they benefit.

Teachers and their unions will be moved to the back burner, school spending increases will slow or stop but otherwise, little will change in education. The Dems will blame that on the GOP starving the schools.

THE BIG JOKER: Economists have pointed to the Federal Reserve’s money supply contraction from 1929 as a prime starting point for the Great Depression. With this month, the Fed has announced the end of its “quantitative easing” that has supplied the Treasury and the real estate markets some 80 billion dollars a month most of the time since the 2008 market crash. The Fed is expected to start raising interest rates back to normal ‘soon.’ Will this reprise 1929 on the newly established GOP watch? If so, who will be blamed? (Both parties are equally guilty, in our book.)

At the state level, we expect some of the Republican governors to address the insolvent states finances, at least where there are sufficiently realistic legislatures to help. State employee pensions are the largest target and of course, the most political. All those over-promised state and local government employees — and their unions — will raise every kind of hell ever heard of when restoring reality to those pensions comes up. But there’s no other way to provide solvency. Push will come to shove, no question.

So that’s how we see this post election landscape tonight, 11/5/2014. Not so different, actually, from yesterday, but for some names and faces. We’re likely wrong about some of it, but you’re welcome to set us right. And then, we’ll see (and pay for) whatever occurs …


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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17 Responses to The Republicans Are Coming! (So, What?)

  1. This is uncanny! Politics in UK works in exactly the same way!

  2. penniewoodfall says:

    Yup! so whats new?

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