Your Kids, Your Money But Government’s Decisions From Now On … (Common Core Education)

Common CoreThe Obamafolk set off alarms in all directions taking over U.S. healthcare with Obamacare; why is there such silence with their takeover of American education via Common Core? But even Republican governors (with a few exceptions) have signed on.

Common Core is a centralized curriculum to be uniformly taught and tested, intended for all schools and for those home schooled. We should expect at least the Catholic schools to be making a fuss, but nary a peep is heard. Universities too have an interest in the knowledge held by students when they arrive; they too are quiescent. And the President is now regulating colleges over student loans, with more to come. The Federal government has taken control of American education lock, stock and barrel as our elders used to put it.

The takeover is typically Federal political low dealing, too; that makes it worse. The Feds now control the curriculum in over 30 states with Common Core but they are not paying for the teachers and schools; the hapless local governments continue to fund costly programs over which they are losing their control. That’s lousy management, poor governance and unethical too. Nobody cares …

It also forecloses the coming Internet education that will (eventually) close the brick and mortar schools. The Internet can offer unlimited educational choices to parents, right? A liberation from stultified public education! Except that with mandated Common Core, nothing else will be allowed. Add that with control of required testing, only Common Core students will succeed on the tests. You do want your kids to do well on their SAT’s, etc. don’t you? Yeah …

We note that this is no sudden, new concept; it has been on the way ever since the Progressives gained control of public education in the first 30 years of last century. The plan has always been mandatory, tax-funded, uniform ‘education’ that turns out useful and obedient citizens who ask few questions. That is why, regardless of complaints of dumbed-down schools, nothing ever changes. The schools are obedient servants of the State, doing as they are expected to do, though they are wise enough not to say that out loud. However, Progressive educators such as John Dewey not only said it; they published it extensively back in the day …

And with Common Core, the number of non-conforming institutions can safely be expected to shrink greatly. But that must be a good thing; nobody seems to mind …


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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8 Responses to Your Kids, Your Money But Government’s Decisions From Now On … (Common Core Education)

  1. michael Curtis says:

    Common Core as American as Strudle. Hitler knew control went through the children, do you remember Michelle Obama telling children to “turn in” their parents if they were not PC? It will soon be a crime to have wealth, just like in Nazi Germany. Nazi short for National Socialist Party. Hail Obama.

  2. Not teaching how to think but what to think. Ever notice how govt’s ALWAYS recycle bad ideas, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Korea, Moonies, Scientologists? But not for the rulers! Heh, heh, must we the people always be mugs for con artists?

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Hmnn … Given the millenia over which we have allowed our greed to displace common (sic) sense, I suppose that the situation is a part of Somebody’s plan … (sigh)

  3. james teague says:

    Several States have now revoked Common Core, though what they replaced it with may be similar. Jindal in Louisiana is trying. Homeschool organizations have fought back. The testing requirement is extremely unpopular, especially when the results are used in teacher evaluations. Surprisingly little Fed money was all it took to get State’s to agree. Deadlines were compressed like a telemarketer, you must act now. Nobody ran pilot tests. Teacher training was botched. Curriculum was farmed to left centered think tanks who rewrote history and math methods. The Founding Fathers and America’s contributions to the world must be downplayed so we can learn about all the bad things the US did. Islam must be praised, while Christianity is deplored for Inquisitions and crusades. Far too advanced math concepts were pushed down to grade levels where students are still in a concrete state of learning. AP and SAT are now rewritten to match a low level college prep standard. In NM, if too few pass the graduation tests, you just lower the passing score. In NC you just take a “athletic” course and your gpa stays up.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      THAT is a status report; we once upon a time received such from the news media. We may wait a long time for a kid trained under Common Core to assemble and write a similarly concise and complete picture of a complex subject …

      I suspect that “teacher evaluations” of any kind that in fact, evaluate the subjects’ work, will ever be received by teachers and their unions like garlic is said to appeal to vampires …

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