Is Tuesday’s Election A Deliberately Poisoned Chalice?

Poisoned ChaliceAmerica’s Democrats seem the source of changes; its Republicans appear to provide a calming time out when the changes overly disturb the political waters. Or, in another analogy, a bad cop , good cop interrogation system. Thus, the United States has evolved a one party system camouflaged as a two party system. As the Dems and the GOP provide different winners and losers, the camouflage is reinforced.  But it is still camouflage, until the Republicans repeal Obamacare. (Any bets?)

Reinforcement comes from the (very quiet) regular votes of the Republican – controlled House  for the spending that the GOP publicly deplores. You may remember that the Prez can’t spend a dime unless Congress appropriates it. So, we are played for suckers.

With this background, we’ve wondered what the Democrat and Republican strategy for this election adds up to be. We will of course, never know, but we can guess and so can you. We’re guessing something like this:

1. Dems are throwing Obama under the bus for two reasons; first, it gets him off the backs of Congressional candidates and second, it frees him from the rest of the party to go ahead and do things that annoy the voters from now until 2016. That’ a win – win for the Democrats and now, Obama has nothing left to lose.

2. If as the polls suggest, the voters are tired of life under Democrats, let the GOP take over just in time to receive the fallout from the Federal Reserve’s abrupt policy change applying a screeching halt to quantitative easing, i.e. supplying a magic, ever-filled purse to the government and to the real estate market to keep both afloat in a time of debt and deficits. It’s like the Dems handing the keys to city hall to the GOP just as they hear the sounds of enemy bombers overhead.

Students of history, if any are left now, recall that the Fed chopped off easy money just before the Great Depression. Perhaps the Dems are planning that the Republicans produce the nest President Hoover to hold the bag for the next Democratic President Roosevelt.

That strategy would cleanse the party of unpopular President Obama while setting them up to rescue the country — again — from a disaster under Republicans. Neat. Plus ca change …

It’s also an offer that the Republicans can’t refuse; though they show no enthusiasm for this election. If they replace the Dems in Senate majority, it won’t be a result of their sparkling solutions to America’s problems — they haven’t offered any — it will be a result primarily, of their not being Democrats. They are eyeing the box labeled “Victory” as though there might be a snake inside it, as may well be the case. But they can hardly refuse it. And while facing that, they have also to finally decide which Americans they represent: Democrats light, or Teafolk. No one can ride diverging horses simultaneously.

We live a long way (no regrets!) from Washington and we have no clue what’s actually going on there; the smell is enough to keep us away. But we will not be surprised if the outline we have presented materializes in fact. And we won’t be surprised either, to be proven wrong. (Our spouse manages that on a daily basis.)

But that’s our take, anyway. What’s yours?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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