Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannA new week’s accumulation for you; classify as you wish, at your own risk …

The Spanish Parliament just approved the Google Tax  , so called because it makes you pay for the use of any Internet accumulation of facts, news and opinions. Call it the Drudge tax or the New York Times tax or the Wikipedia tax. Or perhaps, the ‘Spaniish Economy Death Wish.’ Well, Spain has been going down ever since it decided that stealing Inca gold was a better deal than trade and industrialization …

An Ebola Vaccine  that works in monkeys has been on the shelf for two years; the market was too small to support funding its development. Hmnn …

Large Roack  crossed the Chicago City Council chambers during the testimony of the pest-control chief …

An Islamist Students‘ group at Tufts University adopted a resolution calling for ‘direct action’ on campus against Israel and Jews. What if Tufts were asked to approve a new “Jews for Jesus” chapter?

We’re told that  FCC Democrats are pushing to control political speech on the Internet. They wish to Regulatethe speech of candidates, blogs, the Drudge Report, etc. Meanwhile, the Federal Elections Commision ( FEC) is reported deadlocked over the same issue. Proponents of a free Internet best do better than the proponents of the U.S. Constitution have managed, seems to us …

To date, we have experienced the Coolest   U.S. year on record, per report. (Global warming!) With the amounts of our increasingly impoverished taxpayers’ money that our government is investing into global warming, you’d think that we would be entitled to have our share of it …

An Israeli newspaper wonders why Secretary of State Kerry is blaming Israel for defending itself while giving the missile-firing Palestinians a pass … His boss’s orders, maybe?

In France, unemployment has hit a record high, and after they elected a Socialist to fix it, too!

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled that Facebook is the wrong way to tell your man that you are pregnant.

The US Troops  returning from Liberia are now being monitored for Ebola in Italy on their way home. We still don’t know why they were sent to Liberia in the first place …

Chocolate improves memory, or flavenoids in cacao improve age-related memory loss in mice. You may use the version that you prefer.

The U.S. Moscow Embassy  is now again being subjected to cold war era harassment, the  Czech Secret Service reports that Russian spying has exploded and Poland is beefing up its defense in Russia’s direction. Has anyone studied enough history to recognize this sort of thing?

Uber   drivers are under attack in (Democratic) Philadelphia: drivers’ cars impounded with $1,000 fines. Their crime? Fares cheaper than charged by taxis …(In Union, There Is Stength!)

Marriage Group is backing a Democrat over a gay Republican. A Democratic Candidate has admitted his background as a male stripper. What’s a voter to do, these days?

NYPD  Official    referred to reports of weaponizing drones as “wild stuff.”

Man  claimed that his friend’s wife sexually assaulted him when she entered his home by an unlocked door when he was sleeping and crawled into his bed.

Two Peace Activisst s were charged in a vicious beating.

Fed Judge   has ruled that cops may use force to obtain a fingerprint to unlock cell phones and ipads, without a warrant. We understand the fingerprint, but doesn’t the Constitution discuss the phone search part?

The New York Times sees Obamacare Repeal  as a “fading” GOP issue. We haven’t thought that they ever intended to repeal it in the first place.

Detroit   teen is in an ICU with brain damage from an attack in his school hallway that continued in front of a teacher in a classroom. The cause: a pair of shoes that the victim was wearing.

In the Republic of Congo, a crowd angered by rebel attacks, killed and ate a man believed to be one of the rebels.

We read that 94% of the Illegals  immigrants’ released under White House direction, missed their assigned court dates.

In suburban New Jersey, a resident found two black Bears fighting in his back yard. (Video).  The Environmental Protection Agency was little help. (Why would they help? They’re to protect the bears, not the citizens!)

And finally, a Naked Man, saying that ISIS sent him, raped a pit bull in his neighbor’s back yard.

And again as usual, human reality trumps human imagination in our checkered republic, or whatever it actually is by now. We hope that you have found something of interest …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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