From What, Exactly, Is ISIS And Ebola Distracting US?



We don’t know how it is with you. With us, if we rely upon TV and newspapers for information, the only significant events in the world right now, concern Ebola and ISIS. And even if you resort to the Internet, so pervasive is the “major news media” that those subjects still overwhelm any others. It seems to us, that describes the extent to which the communication channels of the world have been taken over by government propaganda.

We recall vaguely that there is some sort of war going on in Ukraine. There’s a hazy memory of Boko Haram kidnapping almost 300 Christian schoolgirls in Nigeria. We’re aware that Democrats and Republicans wish to control Congress after the election of November 4th. And we all know, newsvendors to the contrary notwithstanding, that our incomes supply less food, energy and other necessities but that’s background; the news is ISIS and Ebola. Neither of which, you note, is important in these United States just now. Could it be that the Powers That Be wish our attention diverted from our daily lives, our open borders, our declining living standards? We have no doubt that our military interests want more, profitable conflict rather than budget reductions because we’ve run out of wars.

We dunno, of course. That would require mind-reading abilities approaching those of a wife when her husband is hoping she will overlook something. We are below that level, but we persist. Republicans have little to hide just now (except voting for the overspending they claim to adjure) because they have little, period. No heavyweight candidates, no heavyweight plans to save the bankrupt economy. Nothing, essentially but the existential fact that they are not Democrats. Whoopee!

The Democrats contrariwise, have a light, heavyweight candidate whom thy or at least, many of them, would rather not have and they are wedded to an economic plan that has proven unable to save the economy. Whoopee, II. Lots of reasons for either of these folk to prefer we worry about Ebola and ISIS. And too, every minute of news dwelling upon these subjects reaps big advertising bucks without the offsetting expense of costly news gathering. Color us cynical, if you wish.

We’ll make a little bet, though, say lunch. The day after November 4th elections, we will hear a lot less of Ebola and ISIS, unless something materializes to alter that.  Meantime, those desperate for real news may surf the Internet in hope. News is still there, if you dig for it. At least, until the FCC gets its way and ‘regulates’ the net. Say as Russia is doing and China has already done. That is on the way, because the American publid doesn’t seem o care. Yet.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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10 Responses to From What, Exactly, Is ISIS And Ebola Distracting US?

  1. Kip says:

    I’m sorry, but I cannot in good conscience color you cynical. Based solely on this post, I’d have to conclude that you are well-reasoned and intelligent.

  2. In case you need a booster shot of cynicism, I just read on face book that the media obsession with Ebola and Isis are being orchestrated by Republicans to try and distract us from all of President Obama’s accomplishments, like the booming economy and free healthcare.

    • jmsabbagh says:

      Name 3 accomplishments of Mr.Nobel prize winner for peace ,beside his apology trip and calling America that gave them the Oval office “arrogant” called Islam a peaceful religion he should read the Koran and find out cutting hands and stoning people tho death is not peaceful.Flogging lesbian and gays to death is not a peaceful religion.Doubling the deficit is a debacle of the debacles.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Our current President seems to have worn out his welcome at this point, but it seems to me, that he has accomplished all that a man of his experience and prior attainments could be expected to manage, given that his history is blank.

        I wonder though, if we ignore the style elements, what significant differences would accompany a different man – or woman – in the same time and place?

      • jmsabbagh says:

        l appreciate your prospective about the man with the blank static polices.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Hmnn … That would be the Democrats distracting us from their distraction efforts … I think I will go to bed now, hoping that everyone will have forgotten the whole thing by tomorrow!

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