The Climate Change You Haven’t Heard From Politicians …

Maj. Gen. A.W. Drayson

Maj. Gen. A.W. Drayson

If dishonest politicians and the dishonest ‘scientists’ on their payrolls can write about the future climate, we figure so can we. And as no one is offering us any money to lie about it, we will speak only the truth as we know it. The current truth is far more weird than any popular lie, anyhow. You will assume we are writing while wearing our tinfoil hat; in this case, not so. We are sticking to sober science from no less than the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) among others. But enough, now forward:

The global warming now embarrassed into ‘climate change’ folk are set for heat. You may recall some few decades back, the 1970’s if we remember, the shtick was global cooling. We’re fairly sure you won’t hear of it, but that still seems likely to some perfectly sober, highly qualified scientists. But the politicians see no money in it, unlike global warming from human activities, so it can’t be news, right?

This alternate reality has to do with geology, mostly. Geologists say that the earth has had multiple ice ages and further, that those are segments of an ongoing cycle, which means that we should expect some more of them in future. We will hang on to our little used long underwear …. That is thought to be fact, not fancy. (Both cooling and underwear, actually)

Some, and an increasing number at that, think that we are headed back into an oncoming ice age. (No warming here … ) But in ‘recent’ ice ages, the earth has apparently not become a popsicle; instead, the Arctic ice cap has shifted south, warming the Arctic and cooling the presently temperate zones, North America especially. Hence the American Great Lakes froze and Canada was a glacier. (Well, most of it still is, for all of us.)

For the techies among us, this happens because the earth, a spinning body with a presumed magma layer between the crust and the core, precesses, altering the portion of the planet closest to the sun for a while. This is a fact, known and measured.

A related fact is the earth’s habit of periodically undergoing geomagnetic reversals, during which the north and south magnetic poses, swap locations with each other. Before you notify the authorities of my lamentable lapse, kindly refer to the Science Daily report on earth’s Magnetid Field, which you will read, is weakening while the magnetic north pole is moving toward Siberia. Honest Injun, no kidding!

Early last century a British Major General Drayson (… the very model of a modern Major General) proposed that such geomagnetic shifts as this presage a new ice age as they accompany a change in earths tilt toward the sun. The astronomers giggled a lot and told him to leave science to the scientists. Fortunately, most of those astronomers are presently dead as General Drayson; it appears that otherwise, they would have considerable apologizing to do. However, like that magma between the crust and the core, the scientific beliefs are still fluid and no one theory is granted primacy. But we note that the earth’s temperate zone is at least for the moment, cooling.

None of this is news for the media ‘news’ folk, just for obscure scientific journals. There’s nothing in it for the politicians as there is in lucrative ‘global warming’ prevention’ programs. But, unsettling as it seems, it comes out of genuine rather than political, science so we thought that you might like to be aware of it. Unless of course, you already know.

The cited events are happening, they’re facts. What they mean, is not as the global warmers peddle, “settled science.” But it is taken seriously by serious people, unlike global warming, recently denounced by a Weather Channel founder as: “A myth.” We thought that you’d like to know of it, yet another case where reality seems to top fiction.

And if any in the U.K. know where General Drayson lies, his visitors might hear the faint souns of far away laughter …

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  1. michael Curtis says:

    Very well written !

  2. penniewoodfall says:

    On form! 🙂

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