When The U.S. Economy Can’t Employ Enough People, Why Import Millions More?

Ready or Not; HERE WE COME!

Ready or Not;

People have migrated throughout history; a few because they wanted something and many because the fled something. Few have left their homes unless they felt driven to do so; homes are a heavy investment to abandon, even with a known reception at the new home, a rare event.

Some migrations have been invasions, such as the Huns, the Mongols and the Moslems when they invaded Europe or the European takeover of the Americas or the Norman invasion of Saxon England.

For whatever reason, the American Indians did not sustain technological progress; when those who did so arrived, there was no real contest. Cortez made that perfectly clear; the Aztecs won the Darwin award of their time. That’s the way of the world.

Again for whatever reason, the English-speaking peoples settled North America (Well, except for Quebec, Louisiana, New Mexico, California …) and made an industrial revolution that enriched the place beyond anyone’s prior experience. Noting that a lot of those English-speaking people were actually Germans, Italians etc. before they became English-speaking. But they produced a uniformly English-speaking, industrial and by no means coincidentally wealthy nation. American government facilitated that process with cheap land and energy and laissez-faire policy so as to expand into the entire continent. Along the way, it used mostly informal but some formal means to expelled the remainder of Spanish and French interests that had remained but not developed the place. That was then; what we see around us is the product of those times and policies.

Today, the same ‘Progressives’ that wanted to control government so as to relieve the poverty of people displaced by the industrial revolution and its inevitable Civil War, are now working to reverse the whole process. They are deindustrializing the country, driving industry offshore by regulation an wage controls that have price its products out of world markets. They are extirpating the country’s middle class, an historical freak, with policies that increase living costs while restraining incomes. Policies are restricting individual choices in favor of ever-increasing government controls, imposed by an ever more costly government. These are the opposite policies to those pursued by the American Founders. It seems then, reasonable that their results will be the opposite too, as appears to be the case..

Now, the Progressive government is actively promoting immigration by the poorest, least-educated, impoverished relics of Spanish conquest of ‘Latin’ America. The plan appears to rest upon immigration of large numbers of people who do not speak English into an economy that is moribund and cannot provide enough decent jobs to locals graduating from universities, never mind those with less education. And these folks healthcare will have to be subsidized by taxpayers just as Obamacare has increased the numbers of subsidized by millions.

Such immigrants will compete for work, driving down the admittedly overpriced U.S. labor costs and increasing the numbers of unemployed to be subsidized by decreasing numbers of taxpayers with decent incomes. This policy, pushed by both Democrats and Republicans will accelerate the impoverishment of Americans. That is certainly one way to reduce America to the world economic average …

We note though, that most of the politicians pursuing these policies do not appear to intend to live at the level they are establishing for their constituents.

America seems to have reversed course: From the place to which you could come, work hard and pursue wealth unimpeded, to a place where you can hardly work and have to pursue wealth offshore. Now, it is poverty that is unimpeded and even subsidized, at least until the wealth still available for confiscation is exhausted.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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7 Responses to When The U.S. Economy Can’t Employ Enough People, Why Import Millions More?

  1. james teague says:

    More competition for even less jobs as minimum wage increases and health care costs will skyrocket. Then we have millions set aside for health care of the non-citizens who don’t pay income tax and can’t find work. Oh, yes, education will need more money too, because they need to be educated so they can fill out the forms to receive the government benefits and vote for the government that gave them these free benefits.

  2. Robert says:

    In the debt based system we have, we need an increasing population in order to distribute the increasing debt among or else become insolvent. Immigrant join the tax base and so expand the population and therefore the debt potential of the government because the Fed uses this base as collateral to secure the lending to the government.
    Don’t be ridiculous, the average citizen(including immigrants) pays half his income to taxes, that’s 1000 hrs a year out of a 2000 hour standard work year. Immigrants are just like anyone else in that the taxes they pay never come close equalling the benefits they receive. In fact immigration to the US seems like a very bad deal to me for the immigrant, but a sucker is born every minute!

  3. Robert says:

    I just found this lecture series today, very edifying if you want to understand our system!

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Thanks … thats better than “Money an Banking 101” ever was. It ought to be used in every high school, but I’ll bet it won’t show up in Common Core. Seems to me, Jefferson had banking figured out and Wilson was dead right in his ultimate lament over the Fed!

      • Robert says:

        We indeed need an accurate understanding of reality before we can chanege it for the better, and a critical mass! Keep up the good work!!

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