Would You Buy A Used Car From Barack Obama?

Obama Used Car SalesIn a recent consideration of President Obama’s leadership, we noted his unique presidential style and more specifically, how he has changed the public face of the American Presidency. He has made what seem to us, drastic and dramatic alterations in the manner in which that institution is conducted; we believe that deserves consideration.

Past presidents have upon election, more or less disappeared into the White House, popping out from time to time to deal with major events with a broadcast to the public or an appearance before Congress. That constructed a remote and — usually — dignified figure to represent the USA in the minds of its citizens. The President was always there, but seldom visible but at necessity. That provided a presidential mystique that could be magnified to fit the enormity of the job. In line with this approach, paraplegic President Franklin Roosevelt, a polio victim, was never photographed in his wheelchair if it could be avoided. His famous ‘fireside chats’ were conducted over radio; TV was still in the future. We saw little; what we saw, was what he wanted us to see. And his public image was that of a giant, appropriate to lead America.

President Obama has gone far in the opposite direction. His presidency has been a continuation of his campaign, with near daily speeches on TV, constant news coverage on video and breathless minute by minuet-seeming bulletins about nearly every breath he has drawn. No newsday seems complete without some recognition of his presence and of his thoughts and wishes. It’s as though upon election, he has moved in with all of us. With this, he is humanized and thereby, diminished. No giant here, President Obama is very much merely a man. The wisdom of that perceived shrinkage seems worthy of examination.

Historic leaders of men have always presented an image that imbues their followers with confidence; men do not widh to follow perceived weakness for obvious reasons. That has usually relied upon a certain remoteness, a distance between the mighty leader and the rest. We well know that our leaders burp, pass gas and act foolishly on occasion, but we do not wish to see them doing it; it makes our choice of leader appear foolish. We are happier to announce the foolishness of others than to face our own.

Our President, it seems to us, has not done wisely by publicizing the Presidency to the point of familiarity; we are told that familiarity breeds contempt and that, for our species, seems true. That is, if anything, multiplied by President Obama’s own contempt for speaking truth; we know now that we aren’t going to keep our doctors. We feel the contempt in one who lies to us for his purposes and we repay that with our own contempt for a liar.

Putting this together; it seems to us that the Obama style has diminished the prestige of the American Presidency, reducing it to the level of hucksterism exemplified by for instance, a used car salesman. We visualize a smiling photo of President Obama captioned: “Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?”

That is our take of course, you should decide for yourself. And if you disagree, feel free to say so and explain your reasons. We are not custodians of revelead ruth here … just of opinions.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to Would You Buy A Used Car From Barack Obama?

  1. Same this side of the pond. It seemed to me it started with Blair, you couldn’t get through the day without being assaulted by his grinning face telling you what he was going to do with the country things you would rather he didn’t . By the way – perhaps you missed the “Doomwatch” BBC series, in the days when they produced tv programmes worth watching. All about malignant man-made viruses of one kind or another which kept escaping and wreaking havoc on their inventors – very topical. I have been afflicted with a mad spell checker virus, which it seems I can only disable by chucking my computer into a furnace. It adds words, subtracts words (at least its maths is good), and replaces perfectly good words with gibberish. I think it’s leapt to your computer. Sorry.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Hmnn … I appreciate your offering Blair as Obama’s model; that way we can blame you rather than ourselves …

      In defense of my doughty old computer that as it has always done, does as it pleases, I suspect a new keyboard as the culprit on this end. My ophthalmologist thinks he knows better but he’s just trying to make the keyboard feel better. It’s a conspiracy acutally, I note that increasing numbers of objects long considered inanimate, are becoming obstreperous. A common issue I’m told, with aging equipment …

      • I read a book in the ’70’s about resistentialism – the theory that inanimate objects are out to get you. It’s a good theory, passes all the empirical tests, volcanoes, earthquakes, large hailstones, floods, water in general, poisonous food. Don’t know why it’s not mainstream. However, I have noticed aside from the dangers of inanimate objects, when things go wrong, there is usually a person behind it. It’s what people do.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Well, somebody has o animate the objects …

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