Too Much Ebola Raises Questions …



Broadcast and cable TV are as usual, marching in lockstep: Devoting endless hours of billion dollar air time to a single subject: Ebola. Why? Yes, it’s a nasty, contagious disease by all accounts. So are malaria, yellow fever, dengue, Chagas disease and a host of others that you haven’t heard of, many highly contagious.

But now suddenly (Ebola is not new) the media is going on hour after hour about a disease with so far, three or four U.S. cases. Meanwhile, it is ignoring enterovirus D-68,  that has so far produced over 700 cases and that paralyzes kids in a parallel to polio.

We can guess the fact that the flood of unscreened Central American kids from areas where the disease is common are being blamed for the previously rare (in the U,S,) disease may have something to do with the media silence, especially as the CDC is vehemently denying any connection. Without of course, any solid data for the denial.But admitting that the Democrats’ and Republicans’ flood of ‘migrants’ has a downside seems an obvious no – no. So, silence on enterovirus and the paralyzed kids.

But why all the fuss on Ebola’s three from four cases? Especially why fuss on TV while leaving the border open, flights unmonitored and while sending troops to west Africa? To do what, shoot the virus? Dunno.

We are reminded by suspicious types of the H1N1 Swine Flu ‘pandemic’ of a few years back. Some are comparing it to Ebola at the moment. The Swine Flu, after media fusss, eventually turned out to appear more as a need for a larger market for vaccines than as a genuine threat. And some with memories of that are awaiting the announcement of a new vaccine to save the day if only a few billion are quickly available. Pretty cynical but in today’s world of crony capitalism, not impossible.

We’ll await that miraculous vaccine. We’ll also wait to see whether the African outbreak fades as past ones have done, or builds. At this point, we don’t see shutting down the world economy with massive travel bans that would be circumvented anyway. We don’t understand either why anyone should expect the President to make it go away. Let’s blame him for what he can handle, there’s no shortage.

All we know to do with this sort of thing, is watch what happens. History is full of sudden plagues, why should we be an exception? And the world is now too small to screen such off from the rest of us. We’d best deal with it as we can.

If the thing balloons in the U.S. and a miraculous vaccine is suddenly available, we’ll start to wonder … For now, we’ll wait and see.Until we get the sniffles, anyway.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Too Much Ebola Raises Questions …

  1. james teague says:

    Why bring a dying patient to a hospital that is not trained or equipped to deal with this disease? Why allow anyone that was on the treatment team to go on an airplane trip within 21 days of the exposure? Why send 3000 soldiers into this mess? What can they possibly do except to hold back the masses attempting to get to the medical resources?

    This time around the Ebola strain is not killing 90% to 100%, only 70%. That actually allows it to spread beyond a local village. It is not a ho-hum disease. Yesterday, I watched an unprotected man with a clipboard stand next to 4 hazmat suited people moving a suited up patient onto a plane. He then gets on the plane too. Maybe the pilot. But the attitude seemed to be medical people need the suits, I’m not a medical person so I don’t.

    Sorry, I’ve read too many Tom Clancy books that seem to come true in the next few years. Two dealt with this disease, the first one about a ME tyrant spreading the disease by trade shows. Or try an engineered virus and a “special vaccine” that actually is intended to further the disease. Paranoid I guess. But we’ll know more in 21 days for sure!

    Yes, whatever did happen to those “thousands” of Central Americans moved all over the country? Over 80% never showed up for their hearings. LA is spending $61 million this year to insure those not eligible for ObamaCare. Why would a very rare virus show up in so many places almost at the same time? Good questions.

    By the way, I have a loved one who is working in a Dallas-Ft.Worth area hospital, not the one in question. No panic there, yet. Diseases can be contained, if people use their heads.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Ok, very good comment. In no order: First, “If people use their heads” possibly needs that use to start at election time? I’ve sort of given up on that … Ebola has had only 4 U.S. cases and we shouldn’t worry … reminds of Chief Powhatan, had he told his tribe: “No worry, that’s a small ship and there are only a few of them.” I don’t understand the politics of Ebola. The visible investment by government and media says there is much, probably money, involved somewhere. (MY opinion) I’m getting used to our presidents shippin troops wherever and whenever he pleases, but the fact shows the disappearance of the Constitution from real life, seems to me.

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