Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannThe reader may assemble these bits into their jigsaw puzzle of human action, if any may be found to fit.

Researchers announced a Tupe 1 Diabetes   breadthrough that they expect will provide a cure … How seeet that is!

Some 50 teens drew 35 police arrests with a massive fight on the first night of the Arizona State Fair. (And in a gun-loving state, no shots were fired.)

Florida  has now set a new record for mildness of its hurricane seasons. No peep from the gloval warmers …

If we read reports correctly, some 12% of those dying in hospitals in the Netherlands, are executed by doctors.  Euthanasia   is the (we think) natural follower of abortion …

The U.S.  Labor Force   shows the lowest participation rate in 36 years. If you do the math, you’ll note that the last time the percentage of Americans working was this low, it was because so many women were housewives.  We suspect somehow that another explanation is needed now.

The $5B Tesla Gigafactory to manufacture its batteries was graciously sold – excuxe, please: awarded – to Nevada, with help from Harry Reid if we believe reports. It seems appropriate enough, even more so if it ends located in Area 51. The taxpayers are going to own electric cars whether they drive them or not…

Chicago W/E:  3 dead, 26 wounded.

Is the Ca Drought  channeling the Midwestern Dust Bowl that accompanied the Great Depression? It appears to be a world-wide problem. Some California towns dependent upon a single water source face useless faucets in a month or two … but we’d rather worry about ISIS and Ebola, apparently.

Eglsh  is not spoken now in one of every five U.S. homes. (20%)

The deluge of Illegal  Central American kids arriving in the U.S. includes illiterates, speakers of some 21 Spanish dialects not understood in the U.S, and some educated but only in their dialect. Public schools are expected to deal with them … somehow. The schools will naturally, demand more money …

We hear that for some reason, public  skepticism of global warming is building while NASA   is puzzled by the ongoing cooling and failure to warm with rising CO2. We don’t feel puzzled; clearly we’re not so smart as NASA.

Per a Jimmy  Kimmel street survey, Joe Biden i is unknown in Los Angeles.

A New York Times article by a Harvard Law Professor claims that  Pedophilia   is a mental condition unavoidable by its possessor and therefore, it should not be a crime, but needs special protections in law. We note that this is perfectly logical, once God is replaced by the state. (Children then have no rights until the State confers them.)

Cremating an oversized body drew the fire department when the unusual flames started the roof burning. Well, obesity is a hot subject, these days …

Three  NM School Districts  including Santa Fe, are suing the State of New Mexico for more money. By way of background, the Democrats control the state legislature while the current governor is a Republican. (We’re sure that has nothing to do with it …)

Seven people were burned alive in Tanzania for practicing  Witchcraft  . Right up there with practicing Christianity in Iraq or Syria when ISIS drops in … (Or practicing Judaism around Hamas)

The amount of US electric power generating capacity closing down in response to new, anti – coal  EPA regulations has reached some seven times greater than the EPA predicted when the regulations were promulgated.  Got a flashlight?

Russia has followed up its recent invasions of Finland’s airspace; it ‘s navy is now interfering with Finnish research vessels in the Baltic. (Just as China is doing with its neighbors in the south China Sea.)

We’re told that the Obamacare    website won’t release the new insurance premium rates until after the November 4th elections …  Obviously, a coincidence …

Two  Great  grandmothers   visiting a newborn in a maternity ward, got into a fistfight.

And finally, a Tribal Casino was closed bt a judge after hundreds of gamblers fled an armed standoff between two tribal factions that invaded the building. Well, It used to work for Sitting Bull …

And so another week has escaped us. Leaving only these bits by which to remember it. We hope they were worthy of your attention.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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