Some Thoughts ABout ISIS, For Those Tired Of Huysteria …

ISIS Terrorists

ISIS Terrorists

There are actually, hundreds of Islamic terrorist groups from the Middle East to China and many in Africa. We hear a bit of the Taliban in Afghanistan and al Qaeda generally but not a lot else. On the Internet, one hears of al Shabab, Boko Haram, Abu Saraf and many others that are somehow, not accorded the stature of ‘news.’ But let ISIS lop off a few heads and the headlines are full of little else but Ebola.

Well, it seems to us, ISIS differs but little from the hundreds (Yes, hundreds) of Moslem extremist groups but for two things: First, the folks running the outfit are quite a bit more media-savvy than most of their peers at other groups and second, they are much better financed than the rest.

If you stop and consider for a moment, ISIS has grown very fast in both manpower and munitions. Neither is free, right? ISIS pays its fighters as well as feeding, watering and arming them. It has expanded greatly in a very short time. So, we wonder, whose money has financed all that? Somebody had to pay for it. (It wasn’t us.)

That being said, next we would like to know why this subject is taboo on the news? Pro journalists ought to be all over it, riht? But, nary a peep except for small comment on the revenues from captured oil fields supplying black market sales. But the oil hasn’t been available until now, whence the moola to get to this point? Silence …

The old French murder mystery comment used to be: “Cherchez la femme” to solve whodunnits. Find the woman who drove the villain to murder. Nowadayss, we ought to establish: “Cherchez le cash” for that purpose. Large, heavily equipped organizations cannot exist sans big moola. So who is supplying it becomes a critical news item if we wish to understand what is going on … and that is also a missing news item most of the time. Interesting, no?

Sarah Palin was targeted for destruction by both Democrats (fair game) and Republicans, of which she was one. Why? We suppose, because she wasn’t a member of the GOP approved establishment, folk who could be counted upon to do as the party desired. As governor in Alaska, she helped dump GOP crooks along with Dems.  That’s our theory, we dunno. Anyway, she called our political-economic system today: “Crony capitalism.” She deserves a statue for that.

Following the money would lead to altogether too many revelations that our elite prefer obscured, we bet. So it needs to be discouraged at all costs. What, for goodness’ sake, would occur if it were widely recognized that say, our ally Pakistan was the parent and support of the Taliban that we have been fighting in Afghanistan? What if ISIS and other Moslem murderers were financed by our ‘allies’ in the oil-soaked Arabian Peninsula?

Suppose Turkey is dragging its feet against ISIS because so many of its folk would rather see Sunni ISIS running Iraq and Syria than the Iran-friendly Shia version of Islam? The U.S. conveniently destabilized Iraq by removing its nasty dictator, opening the games now being played. The ancient Greeks had a tale about Pandor’s box that American State Department folk seem to have forgotten.

ISIS is a product of Islamics jockeying for power between Sunni and Shia sects that has gone on for milennia; we set it loose by dumping Saddam. We can’t finance (no one mentions the financing of war anymore, but it still must be done) a war again in not only Iraq but also, Syria. We ‘helped’ Libya that is now a failed state struggling between poverty and Moslem terrorists. Great help, we were … Iraq is going the same way, for the same reasons. Syria still has its nasty dictator showing a fair chance (with Iranian help) of winning out over the murderous Islamic ‘rebels.’ Wonderful.

What’s for America to gain? We made the current mess, how will more of the same intervention suddenly become a cure? And who will, we ask again, pay for it?

Any winner in Syria will be a U.S. enemy. The same seems true in Iraq and present Libya. Iran is already an enemy and Turkey is becoming one. Why are we beggaring ourselves over all that, with no hope of solving it? ISIS is a local problem; let the locals deal with it. Yes, it has wider ambitions but who doesn’t? Yes, it’s nasty; how is that different from other Moslem terrorists, except for news coverage?

Aren’t we accelerating the destruction of our own economy to pursue something that cannot benefit us?

Those are our thoughts on ISIS; if yours differ, you are welcome to say so. We will all see whatever is going to happen …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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6 Responses to Some Thoughts ABout ISIS, For Those Tired Of Huysteria …

  1. Michael says:

    As soon as someone with at least half a brain gets to lead our country we can become energy independent. We should let the middle east sort itself out and deal with what is left later. We should not be investing a penny in Pakistan Iraq Syria or Libya. We can still invest in Israel to take care of Iran when they actually get a chance to use their new toys. We should stay out of Africa, and make sure they don’t come in either. I am NOT an isolationist, but if anyone from America is stupid enough to do business or vacation over there it’s their own head, not intended to be a pun.

  2. Rawclyde! says:

    ISIS is good practice for the U.S. Air Force…

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