Lone Mass Killers Aren’t “Workplace Violence” Nor “Moslem Terrorism”: They’re Nuts!

BILL O'REILLY White, Middle-Aged Catholic

White, Middle-Aged Catholic

Fox News’ top pundit Bill O’Reilly was fulminating this evening over the FBI’s classification of the Ft. Hood shooter and the recent beheading in Arkansas as “workplace violence.” Mr. O’Reilly wants those to be legally charged Moslem terrorism. He pointed to the beheader’s attempts to convert coworkers and the Ft. Hood shooter’s cries of “Allahu akbar!” or some such to support his position. We see Mr. O’Reilly indulging in the same behavior he finds so reprehensible in President Obama’s FBI.

O’Reilly dislikes the Prez’ tendency to demonize whites to favor blacks and to demonize Americans to favor poor foreigners. And he is demonizing Moslems to favor his own agenda, it seems to us.

Islam is no “religion of peace,” a less tolerant belief will be hard to find. But lone killers who murder coworkers, all on their own, with no connection to any organized group of political terrorists, do not commit Moslem Terrorism. Similar folk have murdered theater goers at a movie and pupils at a school; they were –correctly– classified as nuts. The same is by all appearances, true of the Ft. Hood and Arkansas murderers. The world is full of Moslems; they don’t go to work and murder folk. So we accuse Mr. O’r’Reilly of unethically inciting to if not violence, to a biased and destructive political viewpoint.

The FBI does not go free here, either. “Workplace violence” is a copput. How many workplaces of your acquaintance are normally violent? If that were the case, there would, it seems to us, be little production in any economy. What is really going on here, is avoidance by all concerned, of the issue of dealing with the violently insane.

We put the nuts into the street a few decades back because we found the looney bins we had been keeping in which we had been keeping them, too costly. And having chivvied them out on their own, we forgot about them. And wasted the money we had been spending on them, on other things instead.

Now, they’re turning up in headlines, especially when they don’t take their meds. Some murder yelling: “Allahu akbar!” while others say nothing or scream obscenities.  The common denominator is, they are loners, not politically connected operatives. Their announced justifications, are legion, whatever is handy will serve. And calling them, as the government tries to do, “workplace violence” simply dodges the issue as it is meant to do. The fact is, they are nuts and nobody wants to face a dialogue on that now. Mr. O’Reilly and Fox are helping the dodge.

The other ignored aspect here is Islam. Most of its proponents are poor and ill-governed, leading them to look enviously upon the West. Extremes of wealth and poverty have always been destabilizing and so have mass migrations resulting from the extremes. Our “civilized world” is presently, a precarious place; tossing logs onto such fires is at best, irresponsible as we see it.

So shame on Mr. O’Reilly and the FBI and let us hope for better. We’re gong to need it.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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6 Responses to Lone Mass Killers Aren’t “Workplace Violence” Nor “Moslem Terrorism”: They’re Nuts!

  1. Hmm, perhaps. The problem however, is that they are Americans, recent converts to Islam. So did they convert to Islam to provide cover for their violent tendencies or did their conversion bring about violent tendencies? I honestly don’t know. Unless you are genuinely a loner, people network, connect with others, put ideas into each other’s heads, learn what is expected of them.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      I don’t know, either but these guys seem to share psychological profiles though not belief systems. My hypothesis suggests that they seize on whatever available belief pattern suits their purposes, be it Islam, white supremacy, Nazism or whatever … The commonality is that they are socially disconnected folk…who aren’t ‘same.’

  2. Watching politicians is like watching magicians sleight of hand as they shift the blame for what goes wrong, from themselves to anyone handy. A stroke of genius off-loading the sanity-challenged onto the streets. The politicians wash their hands of the results along the same lines as the dog ate my homework. Time those in charge had to answer for THEIR errors.

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