Do You Beoeve Your Media And Your Government Today?

Obama Snake OilIn now unnewsworthy Ferguson, MO where Michael Brown, a young black man, was shot by police recently, we read today that, after a candlelight vigil for Brown, the new Brown Memorial burned and that was followed by a crowd invading, trashing and burning a local business. Investigation has apparently determined that the memorial burned as a result of one of the candles at the vigil.

We read yesterday that President Obama sent an airstrike against Khorosan, a newly advertised terrorist Islamic group we’d never heard of before but that is now held more threatening than ISIS. Today, we read that all the Khorosan folk had left before the Prez’ bombs arrived but few newsfolk seem aware of that.

We have been reading and listening for a while to the need to sanction Iran for its desire to have nukes (Never mind North Korea and Pakistan)  and now we read of our ‘cooperation’ with Iranian military over ISIS while we hear no more of nukes in Iranian hands.

We read of NATO sanctions against Russia over its Ukrainian land grab, a subject that drops from the news immediately after a Malaysian Airlines flight is shot down and Russia’s boss threatens nuclear war if NATO interferes with Russia’s Manifest Destiny to won all of its neighbors.

We never learned the goals of invading Iraq and Afghanistan and we have no definable goal in Syria, since any winner there will be an enemy. We presume that goal is more orders for the war machine, now starved by the absence of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Color us confused. Media talking heads, once proudly independent (So far as we knew) are become passionate participants in the political process and now given to rants, usually favoring Lefty views. Who may one believe anymore?

Our Prex wouldn’t recognize the truth if it snuggled up to him in bed and Congressional Republicans, while more circumspect, are no more honest.

But we are a product of the Ten Commandments, the Boy Scout Oath and of “A man’s word is his bond.” We sealed contracts with a handshake. (I can see hordes of lawyers shuddering in unison.) George Washington’s cherry tree was real to our youthful years. Nor did we ever entirely lose that with adult sophistication.

While that inheritance from the Reformation was the rule in America, we created a new paradigm of wealth and good living at a level never before dreamed of. Now, that’s all ancient, laughable history … and so is the accompanying wealth and good living. We’re confused … but we believe that we know what’s going on, regardless. We suspect that you do, too.

If you’re paying attention, maybe you do too …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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7 Responses to Do You Beoeve Your Media And Your Government Today?

  1. When politicians act confused, it is an act, to confuse us. Misdirection, they know where they are leading us but they don’t want us to know. My worry is, are they still in charge, or is somebody else?

  2. jmsabbagh says:

    The Nobel Prize winner should say something to calm Ferguson down.

  3. RobM says:

    Michael Brown was a thug, a non-issue. The issue should be that of addressing the actions of jackboot police. An incident that is shocking would be the Robert Leone case of 2012

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Indeed, some of the thugs wear badges and uniforms. I wonder if the visibly shifting attitudes among both criminals and police are not a result of changes in the public at large? I have a sneaking suspicion that in the long run, we receive the policing that we deserve … (Noting that does not justify, but may help explain …)

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