Why Do Racist Guns Kill More Blacks Than Whites?

Evil GunWe’ve noted that Chicago regularly posts among the largest numbers of shootings in the country and also has among the most restrictive gun laws. We note too, that an excessive number of victims are black people. We’re told that black people die of Gun Violence twice as often as whites. There’s a clue in that.

Consider: Chicago is among the largest cities in the U.S; we should naturally expect it to have more of almost anything than other, smaller places have. Its restrictive gun laws don’t restrict much, apparently and that’s about all we can fairly conclude.Noting how much anti-drug laws have restricted drug use helps illuminate that.

Black people dying at a rate double that of whites from gunshots tells us something too, especially when we factor in the disparity in relative numbers. Blacks are about 13% of us; if they are shot twice as often as whites, that’s cataclysmic. The reports seldom go on to discuss the fact that they are shot by other black people. See, that makes black people twice as murderous as whites; we don’t want to go there. It’s politically incorrect.

However, if one is serious about addressing the issue, it cannot be ignored. Since it is in fact, ignored, we must assume that addressing the issue isn’t the political goal. Q.E.D, right?

Instead, we deplore that awful “gun violence.” It isn’t black murderers, it’s the guns, see? Guns kill more black folks than white folks, so guns must be racist, right?

It’s all political hokum; back at the ranch, the reality is that our masters are nervous about our possession of guns and they will not feel safe telling us what we man and may not do and may and may not believe, until we are disarmed. Since those are their perennial goals, they will not rest until that occurs. As such has been the goal of every government we know of in our history, we should not be surprised. by this. Ask what happened in Old England to any serf caught in possession of a sword …

As elected governments demanding that we yield up our Constitutionally protected (For a damn good reason) guns might not e reelected, other means for accomplishing the desired goal are needed, hence “gun violence” takes on a character of its own, beyond any other sort of violence.

A stabbing kills the victim just as dead as a shooting; we are to overlook that inconvenient fact just as we are to overlook the fact that black murderers are more common than white ones. Political goals prostitute social needs, as usual. But we cannot expect solutions to real issues if we cannot address them honestly.

That inability to honestly address real social needs is a product of political corruption. That corruption is a hallmark of the difference between wealthy and poverty-stricken cultures on earth. Poverty rises along with the corruption level, always and everywhere. American corruption levels seem to be rising; for those who follow the Census statistics, poverty is rising in fact. And black people who have become wards of government after abandoning their Southern Christian heritage are leading the way …

It must be the fault of all those guns!


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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4 Responses to Why Do Racist Guns Kill More Blacks Than Whites?

  1. “How to lie with statistics” should be on every elementary school’s reading list.

  2. Michael says:

    If guns are criminals then maybe we should give the guns rights? Terrorists get rights, if the gun can commit the murder then it should get to vote too!

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