Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother week having somehow escaped us, the accumulated bits snared for you are:

Chicago  Seven shot dead; twenty-nine wounded. One death was a 16 year old honor student, a black girl who didn’t fit the stereotype. Now of course, she does.

A mystery flight of a military style helicopter in  Dallas   reminded that the Department of Defense continues to train U.S. military for fighting in various U.S. cities …

In Florida, a 14 and a 15 year old boy shared a nude Instagram photo of a girl during a class. The school called the police; the boys were cited for: Sexting?  Is it just us, or are things getting crazy in America?

The Feds built some 2 and 3 bedroom   Homes   for Border Patrol folk in AJo, AZ for a mere $680,000 each. (Your tax money at work)

The  Pope  opined that taken together, all the conflicts raging around the world add up to a WWIII. He was circumspect about the number of these that the U.S. is mixed up in and joined U.S. politicians in ignoring how they are being financed.  Catholics may be surprised that he also ordered the marriage annulment process simplified. We’ll bet it won’t thereby become affordable by ordinary folk, though …

Global Warming  Bulletin: The now 19 year ‘pause’ in warming has accumulated some 52 explanations from the ‘experts.’ Meantime, the NOAA says that for the period September 1 through 10, some 246 new low temperature records have been set. Thousands of marchers are expected to demand action on the climate in New York City this coming weekend. May we hope for rain?

The Southern California beachfront city of Santa Monica is spending some $1 M to measure its happiness.

Not only is the economy slowing in China, it is  Worse than folk have been expecting. Billionaires are buying gold bars, if that suggests anything …

An ex-CIA boss expects 5,000 or more U.S. forces on the ground in Syria  by yearend. We guess that none of those folk wear boots …

We hear that in today’s  Europe  , 40% of Jews hide their religion.

We noted the U.S. decline from 1 to 17 in education standing recently; now we can add the drop in   US Business   climate, from 1 to 32nd. Every day, in every way, things just get better and better!

The  Taliban   is resurgent in Afghanistan as the U.S. military disappears. Reality is unsurprised, since they are a creation of the Pakistani military and now, functionaries of the drug trade.  And of Pushtun politics as well. Seeing this, what has American blood and treasure accomplished in central Asia? Well, it has maintained the flow of taxpayer dollars to war materiel makers and their chosen politicians in the U.S. Congress. Past that, we don’t profess to know …

The Ruble has plunged to a historic low on the world currency market.  Due to the sanctions, Ukraine is costing Russia more than just some dead Russians.  But Mr. Putin does well in polls for rebuilding the Russian Empire and his people, struggling with a declining economy, haven’t connected the dots.

CNN   has been ordered by the Federal government to re-hire 100 employees. Are you old enough to remember when managements made the decisions for American business?

The Los Angeles Unified School District  (LA Schools Police  ) has acquired an armored vehicle and grenade launchers.  (That’s nothing! You  should  see the M1A1 Abrams tanks driven by the nuns at St. Anselms!)

Ground Beef has reached an all-time high at $4 lb. Can you imagine the price if we had inflation? The  Census: folk announced that U.S. household income peaked in the 20th century.

House leaders Boehner (GOP) and Pelosi (DEM) joined to press their Congressfolk to fund Obamacare, Planned Parenthood and current war efforts. Neither suggested a source for the funds. And the Dems are for the little guy and the GOP wants smaller government …

More of the mysterious cell phone intercept towers that can listen to conversations have turned up near the Senate and the White House …

Anti-Coal Policies   are causing Florida electricity rate hikes. (Ya think?)

Green Eggs  but no ham have been littering the beach near Sydney.  So far, sans explanation.

And the inhabitants of the Embudo Towers , a public housing project in Albuquerque, have been complaining of poor security, inoperative washers and dryers … and bedbugs! If mighty New York City can’t get bedbugs out of its subways and public library, how does anyone imagine that little Albuquerque has the answer? DDT used to work, before the environmentalists got rid of it. Now, we’ll have to come up with a whole new remedy from scratch …

And so slips by another Saturday’s seletions of passing reality, saved up just for you!

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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9 Responses to Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. Used to love SF. Who needs SF when reality is weirder!

  2. We really are living our science fiction, aren’t we? Sometimes I feel as if I just woke up in the wrong century.

    So these are all completely rhetorical questions, but how could all those people get shot in Chicago? Don’t they have a gun ban there? Those boys with the naked picture, isn’t that just normal for boys that age? And aren’t they minors? So now young boys “violate” older women by sexting their pictures. Got it. On the bright side, considering the state of education these days, those boys were probably engaged in an act of self preservation. So has the LA school district acquired an armed vehicle and grenade launcher to get kids to pay attention in class?

    • Jack Curtis says:

      I’m not sure that having been born a while back isn’t a gift, when I look ahead …
      You’re correct; Chicago has among the most strict anti-gun laws in the country. They enforce them, too. Just as the DEA enforces the anti-drug laws, in fact.
      I suspect you’ve encapsulated American education perfectly …
      But: “Blessed is he who extecteth the worst, for he shall not be disappointed.”
      Wine helps.

  3. michael Curtis says:

    Bed bugs are organic, the liberals should love them. On the global warming note the weather continues to follow old patterns of getting hotter on solar active cycles and cooler on solar inactive cycles. the last very active cycle ended in 1998, the exact same time the global warming stopped, the current inactive cycle is expected to match the cycle when the little ice age occurred in its last phase. Consistency is the bugaboo of small minds. Thus I leave you infested with more anti-liberal propaganda.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Some see anti-liberal propaganda as a bit of an oxymoron, holding that facts are the anti-liberal potion …
      Solar cycles indeed; some 11 years each on average, right? And some are now bringing up geomagnetic reversals, one of which is (per NASA) underway. To which a few (though its increasing) add Drayson cycles as well. I guess we will see.
      Meanwhile, the guests don’t seem to be showing up at Prez O and the UN’s climate party in New York … Shucks, huh?

  4. michael Curtis says:

    Someone should explain to Obama that banning coal puts the United States more at the mercy of the middle east and “big oil” at the same time explain that the United States has filters that eliminate most of the carbon output of coal generators. Of course liberals would wet themselves if anyone told them that the USA actually ABSORBS 15 percent MORE CO2 then it produces…

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Facts! Haven’t seen that in the major media though; even Fox News. Just in science and industry journals and who reads them? (Thank Providence for the Internet, at least until the government grabs hold of it).

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