Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politicallly Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour platter of snippets reflecting we hope, human reality pertaining to our times …

We blundered into the fact that NATO has accumulated over 20 members. We wonder why, now that the Soviet Union is extinct, NATO still exists. It is dreadfully expensive and to us, seems to serve mostly to support endless wars that seem to produce only destruction.  We must be missing something.

Governor Bobby Jindal, (R) Louisiana, is opposing the ‘Common Core’ nationally standardized public school curriculum presently being as he puts it, forced onto the stats by Washington.  Some other GOP governors are accepting the program and the Fed money accompanying it. We note that they have also accepted declining education quality for decades.

A question occurred to us: An ‘activist’ is to be admired; a ‘lobbyist’ is to be despised, right? Our question: What exactly, is the difference?

In East Porterville, CA some 300 homes remain without running water since the local wells went dry in the state’s underreported drought.

For those who like to look ahead: A chart of U.S. mortgages that exceed home values, by owner’s ages.

The Indians who live in the Grand Canyon are talking to developers, which has environmentalists talking to their Congressfolk.  We suppose the locals supply less money to Congressional campaigns than do envirpos. Where are Geronimo and Sitting Bull when you need them?

The US Army  spent some $4.3 B on a system to track spending. Now, it can’t track the $4.3 B.

The E.U. has just banned the sale of vacuum cleaners powered by more than 1600 watts. All the high powered suckers still available are being swept up by buyers who despise wimpy weak ones. Look for a  similar regulation to appear in the U.S. A new meaning for the phrase: ‘dirt poor.’

Already busted Argentina  has somehow, made no news whatever in announcing that  its government is assuming direct control of the entire economy. Maybe our media now see that as normal … It erased the Soviets and the Chinese have given it up; it’s presently bankrupting oil-wealthy Venezuela. Buena suerte, suckers!

Man, 70  was knocked unconscious in Hayward park by a black male,  left unconscious on ground for 1 hour in the crowded park and may not recover.

Chicago  Weekend: 5 dead, 17 wounded in shootings.

Knockout  A Memphis black teen mob of over 100 attacked a shopping plaza, beat a  white store employee unconscious with a pumpkin and then attacked 2 blacks. A  High School Girl was  beaten at a school bus stop for “acting too white.”

I n Detrot, 8 were shot as a  prayer vigil broke up, lavin 2 dead. Victims were taken to two hospits where the fighting continued, forcing closure of the hospitals to visitors.

Humans  and Neanderthals are upon investigation, turning out to be pretty similar in most ways, including intelligence.

Snow    has appeared, the earliest in South Dakota since 1888. Denver saw snowed  on 9/10.

The Milk     Price set a new record.  We wonder where it would be if we had inflation?

Coal   fired power plants face shut downs under EPA regulations issued in June. That will remove some 40% of U.S. electrical generation. Experts say that there is neither capital nor technology to replace it affordably. But the envoros are happy. Apparently they can read in the dark, or maybe they don’t read?

A NY Producer secretly taped sex with his girlfriend and posted it online. We can recall when the casting couch was only referred to in whispers …

The Army  is worried that it has way too many white combat unit commanders.  We will leave you to imagine where this is going … and whether you will want your kids to consider military careers.

California  says that the new carpooling  app from Uber, Lyft and Sidecar, is illegal. The feature allows you to find folks willing to split the fare for going to the same place.  We note that the regulators have never noticed strangers sharing a Yellow cab at the airport …

And your teen daughter’s dream (and your nightmare) Justin Bieber  took off clothes onstage …and was booed by the crowd.

We leave you with that small smidgin of hope; Also sprach Zaranewstra …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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10 Responses to Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politicallly Uncorrected)

  1. Bieber?? Bieber getting booed is my hope? Well, that is depressing. On the bright side, it does appear as if our continued existence relies heavily on Divine intervention. Left to our own devices, we might provide some good comedy, but our own self destruction is pretty much assured.

  2. michael Curtis says:

    This is just more crazy for this saturday, I have come up with a plan. Any American corporation that employs LEGAL workers in the United States should instead of paying it’s taxes to the government, they should split them between all their employees evenly, 100 employees each one would get one percent, CEO to janitor. This would of course reduce the tax the government would get from the corporation, but it would get MORE taxes from the enriched employees, who are in a higher bracket. Then again when the employees actually spend the money. Interesting … Of course the profits still go to the investors!

  3. No worries about European vacuum cleaners that don’t suck. A few years back they enforced environmentally friendly light bulbs that provide moonlight, so we can’t see the dirt. Who said politicos don’t think ahead.

  4. Jack Curtis says:

    Omar … 🙂
    Replaced here nowadays with “Rap.” Which lacks only a capital “C”

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