The U.S. Government vs. The Little Sisters Of The Poor, A Black MassAnd Doctor Franklin’s Warning

Benjamin FranklinThe plans of some Satanists to conduct a black mass in Oklahoma would once have been news; today, it struggles with the price of dogfood for attention. A Pennsylvania teen faces charges after among other things, simulating sex with a statue of Christ.

These minor stories hardly make the news today in what was founded as a Christian country; an informative snapshot for those paying attention. For those few paying attention, perhaps. The American Founders would have seen significance in these, today’s political leaders and their media flacks do not. And if these are drawn to their attention, they respond that folks are entitled to their opinions, right? And such is true.

It becomes a bit more clear when we read that the Obama Administration will proceed in court to force the Catholic Little Sistenrs of the Poor order of nuns to obey the Obamacare mandate for birth control and abortion services, both directly violations of Roman Catholicism.

American society and its government have jettisoned Judaism and Christianity in favor of less restrictive belief in moral relativism that leaves the government in charge; both are now sweeping the relics of their past out of sight as rapidly as may be. This should hardly surprise.

Benjamin Franklin, asked what the Founders had crafted upon his departure from his historic Philadelphia meeting place, replied: “A republic, madam — if you can keep it.” He knew his people.

Christianity is restrictive; neither people nor government suffer restrictions happily. These particular restrictions have contributed to production of a place that dwellers everywhere else aspire to, yet those already here, have abandoned them and are now trampling them into the mud. That this equates to killing the goose that has laid the golden eggs escapes all thoughts. As it has repeatedly in human history.

The young who lead this parade into a changed future, claim that technology has changed the paradigm and only fussy, hidebound elders wedded to obsolete ideas cling to their religion in the face of modern technology. Such has ever been the attitude of youth.

Tech however, has not changed human biology and that continues to control human behavior. And Christian restrictions have restrained the worst in that behavior, a necessity for humans to produce and enjoy the wealth that the technology has made accessible. Tossing restraints has many precedents in human history and a resulting impoverishment runs through them all, an inevitable product of the resulting corruption. The unconvinced need merely look at the quality of life in the rest of today’s world.

Doctor Franklin wasn’t kidding himself; he suspected where we were headed with his and the other Founders’ creation. But a lot of us today are kidding ourselves …


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7 Responses to The U.S. Government vs. The Little Sisters Of The Poor, A Black MassAnd Doctor Franklin’s Warning

  1. Oh, amen. That was really well said. The way we seem to be forgetting all about biology and human nature, while we’re designing our new utopia, scares me. The problem with completely ignoring the wisdom of your elders, history, tradition, is that you often have to go out and learn everything the hard way.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Indeed, it seems sometimes that our species invented the hard way or is at least, somehow wedded to it … But perhaps that is necessary, a price for the optimisim and daring of the young …

  2. In the West we are culturally Christian if not religiously. Most people subscribe to Christian moral values, including atheists, agnostics, humanists and others with vague religious/spiritual beliefs. Christianity is one of the foundations of Western democracies. It has provided acceptable guidelines for moral and social behaviour which has usefully constrained excesses of the powerful and not necessarily moral. You do not have to be a Christian to agree with Christian morality and social values BUT take Christianity away and the social endorsement of those values is taken away. Also giving ALL religions an equal footing with Christianity torpedoes the moral/social values derived from Christianity. Some religions endorse moral/social values that are immoral by Christian standards. Some religions are based on values that are self-declared polar opposites to Christianity, what you might call anti-religions (evil be my good). Some “religions” are not religions at all but political/marketing con tricks. Giving them all equal social worth undermines Christianity ( and also any true religion supporting a moral base) and eliminates morality, as we are no longer permitted to distinguish between good and evil but must allow no distinction between them. Get rid of Christianity and you get rid of the value of human life, including the value of women’s lives, the sanctity of childhood, respect for the elderly, compassion and duty of care towards the weak, tolerance of the stranger (as opposed to hatred), fellow-feeling and support to those suffering hardship, humility and deference to Higher Powers. In short, the politically enforced “equalising” of all “religions” is moral, social and spiritual suicide.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Suicide indeed for individual liberty and rights that withstand the desires of the State. But rather success for the State that thereby becomes paramount and for those who batten upon that. Hence divine emperors and divine rights for Kings in our curdled past …
      What rough government slouches toward Washington to be born?

  3. You get a cigar for that one.

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