The Famos $600 Toilet Seat In Today’s World …

Govt Percent GDPThe infamous $600 toilet seat was a TV speech in which President Ronald Reagan complained of government’s wasteful spending. A new report complains of Obamacare spedning.

The toilet seat included a custom-fitted fiberglass cover. Only some 54 were needed and after government design and test costs were applied, it cost $640. Had it not been government, some relatively low income worker would have crafted what was necessary for say, 10% of that and still made a profit. It is the nature of government that it must satisfy political goals, not economic ones.

A common current medical example comes to mind: Folks are today being prescribed self-use catheters, a common therapy for those with urinary problems resulting from disease, trauma, age or other causes. These amount to a plastic tube packed in a plastic sleeve with lubricant and antiseptic. They are used once and discarded. Similar plastic tubing is available retail at a few cents a foot. The catheters sell for about $10 a foot. A patient who needs them could use maybe 5 or 6 daily, which adds to some $18,000 a year to pee. That’s pissing away a lot of money, most of it yours …

These catheters cost so much for the same reasons that President Reagan’s toilet seat did: because government was involved. Everybody else uses economic goals, only government is wedded to political ones.

The plastic tubing costs a few cents, the sleeve it is packed in costs a few cents. The rest is bureaucracy and lawyers.

Obamcare was added to Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security after all those had already started to cost more than their supporting taxes produced. Since Obamcare is for those millions previously uninsured, the previously insured are force to pay for it. A huge transfer of funds from Medicare is already in place; the elderly won’t be receiving as much care as heretofore. New taxes and tax increases are already in force, but they aren’t enough to close the deficit. And healthcare costs are rising again.

It is the nature of government: Whatever you receive from government, costs more. You have to pay for both the item and the government … and government isn’t cheap.

For those interested, the accompanying chart is instructive of the trend and its effect on the U.S. economy, noting that government spending produces no wealth.

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2 Responses to The Famos $600 Toilet Seat In Today’s World …

  1. Michael says:

    To steal a quote, liberals think it’s free if your neighbor is paying for it.

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