Islamic State: Made and Financed by Arabs (Let the Arabs Deal With It!)

ISIS Terrorists

ISIS Terrorists

Obliterate ISIS! That’s pumping from media and politicians foaming to use the emotion generated by rapes and beheadings for their own purposes. It’s a replay of the “lynch the white cop!” Ferguson scenario. Get the public stirred up via media to support whatever you want done. The current middle East’s condition is a fair advertisement for how well that works for those involved.

One writer has taken a different path: “Let the Arabs Deal with ISIS!” As if to respond to that, ISIS has just decapitated another American reporter. Why not, it’s what those types do. And the yammering goes up a notch, berating the U.S. President for not reversing the regular product of Islam since the seventh century. Forgetting with that, the President’s need to somehow finance any response out of a busted budget.  Adult political thinking, right?

First, our Commander in Chief (Forget Congress) is already bombing ISIS and he has U.S. Special Forces leading the Iraqis and advising the Kurds on the ground. Plausibly deniably, of course. His enemies are simply using the media-created “crisis” to take pot shots at the Prez. His enemies now include naturally, the GOP but also, those Democrats who want to isolate the 2016 Presidential candidate from Barack Obama in voters’ minds.

Calm down, folks! ISIS is a media-manufactured ‘crisis’ with some 15 or (generously) 20 thousand fighters running around a desert between Iraq and Syria. The kurds and the now reestablished Iraqi army are rolling them up in Iraq. They are still well established in Syria, where you have a choice between them, the pro-Iran Assad dictatorship and some Syrian rebels who aren’t Islamic nutcases.

Thing is, ISIS is no different at bottom from al Qaeda, the Taliban, Boko Haram, Abu Sayaf or a bunch of others in Africa and Asia.  Much of it exists on Saudi Arabian conservative Islamic Wahabi financinf and their fighters come from all over the Moslem world; young men seeking sex, excitement and adventure justified by God’s Purpose. Shooting up ISIS, a small force in the backwoods of the Middle East, is both expensive and futile. It’s attacking a swarm of wasps with a fly swatter. To remove the threat, you need to remove Islam.

So why not let the Arabs deal with ISIS? They created and paid for it. And excepting a couple of reporters who took their chances, its mostly Arabs who die because of it. In America, we can’t afford our Social Security and Medicare, never mind Obamacare. Europe is in the same boat and has an aggressive Russia to face besides. Let the Arabs deal with their problem!

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Islamic State: Made and Financed by Arabs (Let the Arabs Deal With It!)

  1. james teague says:

    So let those Hutus and Tutsi hack each other. Even Bill has regrets over that one.

    Let’s see if I can list off the top of my head other non-Arab jihadist problems: CAR, Kenya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Israel. Assyrian Christian, Coptic Christians… You are basically taking a stand like was urged on America before WW II; its Europe’s military industrial complex fight, let Europe do it. Of course at the time many who mouthed that were like the Steisand film “The Way We Were” Red sumps mouthed the No War chant right up to the day Hitler double crossed Russia and launched Op Barbarossa. Over night the same exact crowds decided war was good and why weren’t we already there with supplies for Russia? The world looked the other way until 80 million people died.

    I agree, we need to lean on Saudi Arabia and Qatar who don’t seem to understand the fire they have been playing with inside their clothes. Next we need the coalition that seems to be building as people watch the horror of IS unfold. Unreal that Germany would end its isolation and arm 4000 Kurds with real weapons (that can hurt the armor Iraq through the US essentially gave IS).

    The current bomb heavy equipment and let the Iraqis/Kurd/Hezbollah armies move on a more equal playing field is working. Cut off the “wheels” we gave them and IS is tough but can be defeated. Hard to stop a Humvee, T-55 or MRAP with an AK-47 though. The Amirli town fighters showed how it could be done with grit and unbelievable sacrifice. Yay for them. We created the problem with big gun storehouses left behind, Benghazi rebel training that got out of hand…..We owe it to those being killed for not bowing to Tunisian, Chechen, Saudi masters to give them a chance.

    No, I don’t think any major US fighting units should be back on that ground. Locals who have a stake should do all of that. We have SF troops there and they can do the laser designating as long as they are backed up with air cover. Yes, it is expensive, who knows where the $ will come from, maybe the Saudis owe us big time for waking them up.

    My personal bet though is after IS is contained, Iran and Saudi Arabia will nuke each other, not Israel. Still wondering about missing Malaysian airline, but hey now we have 11 from Libya too. Hope someone is keeping track of transponders because the tail numbers will surely be changed. That brings me back to the point it is not Arabs killing Arabs alone. Watch and pray for wisdom, friend.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      No argument, just a question: How does one fund interventions in a collapsing world financial system? And following that, how does one repeal the Moslem Conquest? Or failing that, pacify Islam? To me, your sight is clear but I can’t find resources anywhere that will change much …So my first priority has to be at home. Senator Taft was overrun, but he did have a point , right or wrong.

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