The Dead Are The New Weapons Of War …

Gazan Dead: 2914

Gazan Dead: 2914

Gaza is splitting the Israeli coalition government, per reports. Prime Minister Netanyahu appears to have accepted the Egyptian brokered cease fire with Hamas over the objections of his cabinet and without consulting them first. This spotlights a growing problem that seems to be changing modern warfare and especially, changing its results.

From Gaza, Hamas feels free to lob missiles into Israel. Some, but not many Israelis have been wounded and killed thereby, so far. Israel can grit its teeth and take it, lob missiles right back into Gaza tit for tat, or invade Gaza to shut off the sources of the bombardment. Ignoring these acts of war is obviously suicidal at some point. Europe and the U.S. upon whom Israel depends, will not allow Israel to return indiscriminate missile fire; the TV and Internet images of dead Palestinians and their children generate unacceptable public relations in those countries. So Israel invades from time to time in search of the rocket launchers and ammo. But these invasions are inevitably cut short by rising public revulsion as the dead bodies pile up, leving Gaza to fester until the next eruption repeats the scene. This keeps Hamas alive.

Hamas tries to assure that as many dead women and babies as possible result from this; it stores rockets in schools, locates military installations at hospitals ad fires rockets from residential neighborhoods. And it makes certain that the news media see every dead body and on occasion, fake ones too. This is broadcast all over the Internet. As result, Israel is winning every battle but it is losing the war. The world is shifting to support the Arabs against the Jews amidst rising antisemitism in many places.

The same pattern was seen in the latter part of the U.S. war in Afghanistan. The Americans and other coalition forces were subject to increasingly restrictive rules of engagement, the rules laid down by commanders governing when and how soldiers could shoot back or attack the enemy. The Taliban enemy had adopted the same tactics of hiding among civilians now seen in Gaza and every civilian death was featured on the news while soldiers’ casualties were often simply statistics. This has altered war; having a powerful military is not helpful if the politicians handcuff it for public relations reasons.

This is a handicap for countries that have an elected government; elections are in essence, public relations campaigns and leaders subject to them cannot, as Prime Minister Netanyahu obviously recognizes, afford a baby-killer image. Dictatorships and terrorists have fewer of such worries. Independent entities such as ISIS and in practice Hamas are effectively free of such concerns and may even revel in the torn bodies of Jewish babies.

This is reversing the old power equation; it used to be whoever had the most and the biggest guns that could pile up the highest heap of dead bodies was the winner, as demonstrated at the end of WWII. Now, the Internet and cell phones are turning those bodies into weapons for the other side.

War is hell, they say; that is because the machinery of war is intended to kill people and destroy property; it has no other application. And today, that offends people when they look at it. That may change when one of the dead kids is their own, but likely not until that occurs. And even then, the way the media handles it will affect the political impact of the event.

In summing up; a country had better avoid war these days unless it will occur out of sight as did Iraq and at first, Afghanistan or if visible, the public is prepared to witness and accept mayhem. With today’s conditions, winners are tending to be less those with the strongest military and more, those with the strongest stomachs.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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16 Responses to The Dead Are The New Weapons Of War …

  1. Trouble is, everyone has emotion but not everyone has intelligence. You need to be taught to see through the emotional con games. Otherwise, there is no shortage of suffering babies, even invisible ones, to trump any argument. A baby has yet to solve any world problems. The people who win the propaganda wars are the ones so unscrupulous as to use those methods. It is like paying ransoms to kidnappers. Pay the ransom, more kidnapping. If you give in to suffering babies, we will make sure there is an unending supply. Using babies as a weapon of war. As you say, people who use their own people, their own children as a human shield behind which they launch missiles, should not be granted the moral high ground. The problem is a general human weakness. Emotion disables thought. But emotion doesn’t solve problems. Interesting to think what the human race would have been like if most people were rational rather than emotional.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Indeed, an interesting thought. Granted our fundamental self-interest, perhaps the emotion is needed to protect the social bonds necessary to maintain the species? Dunno.

      • My guess would be that if the species had been more rational we would have died out years ago. Irrational emotion serves a purpose. But it is destroying us now. Looks like we got the balance wrong.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Maybe the balance is wrong; maybe we’re supposed to cycle up and down from one great civilization through its destruction and rising again to a new, higher level. That seems to fit history more or less. Sort of …

        More fun than despair, anyway!

  2. jmsabbagh says:

    Since the M.B created Hamas and since the oil money is supporting Hamas that region will never live in peace . The Arab lost 3 decisive wars with Israel.,1948,1967,1973, yet they still boast with empty pride about destroying Israel, they are more illusive than a myth. Jalal

    • Jack Curtis says:

      You seem to have put your finger right on the center of the reality.The wealthy are happy to spend some of their free money and ”Palestinian” lives to distract their own people from their miserable and impoverished lives by diverting all onto the Jews, the way it looks to me. A rough parallel to the way American Democrats divert all onto Republicans, and vice-versa. But a lot more costly in money and misery for citizens.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Thank you; that’s very good. Tarquiya: A Muslim’s Hall Pass To Dishonesty! And Islamic places are impoverished by corruption, while Christian ones are enriched by its reduction … or have been, anyway. Tarquiya is expensive!

  3. Corruption of any kind destroys societies. The present anti-Judao-Christian attacks seem to have the objective of destroying the personal and social morality which these religions gifted to us, with the intention of clearing away all resistance to total corruption.

  4. Usually I am the gloomy one but in this case I disagree. I think there are a lot off good people in the world, the problem is the bad ones are attracted to power, just as criminals are attracted to crime.

  5. Jack Curtis says:

    That seems to describe things for me, too. And add for me, that those power-seekers always and everywhere, end at the controls later, id not sooner. That “eternal vigilance” we were warned we would need, always seems on vacation until it is too late …

    I admit a fondness for that 9th Beatitude: “Blessed is he who expecteth the worst, for he shall not be disappointed.”

  6. Same here. But it seems to be the only commandment which is unbreakable.

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