Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour Saturday selection; enjoy! Or not, as pleases you …

Brain Differences   visible via MRI show up in teens who habitually take risks. Let’s hope that the government fails to notice …

The newest casino in Atlantic City   is closing as the ‘recovery’ groans on.

A Couple , evidently seeking a Darwin Award, failed to complete the selfie they were posed for at a cliff’s edge, falling to their deaths instead.

US Jobs   now pay on average, 23% less than was the case in 2008. (Recovery bulletin)

Racism   was charged against a new app that warned users of ‘sketchy’ parts of towns. A News Crew went to investigate and was robbed …

The leader of  ISIS   was released from U.S. custody in 2009, Readers may supply appropriate comment .

You may now use an ordinary House Cat to hack your neighbor’s Wi-Fi. (Whom can one trust anymore?)

Federal Tax collections at 10 months into the government’s fiscal year, increased to a new record – but the deficit is still about half a trillion dollars. Look down the track; you see a train coming?

The Obamafolk stopped and froze a Shipment  of missiles on the way to Israel. Making things a little more even over there?

The  Border Patrol  was ordered to release as many ‘migrants’ as possible; a second wave of some 39,000 kids is expected shortly and public  Schools have been directed to accommodate and educate them. Haven’t heard yet how that’s to be financed …

Investment Outflow  from the U.S. reached a new record as China, Japan and American citizens withdrew money from U.S. Treasuries and other investments.  Russia   is undergoing the same pain since it moved in on Ukraine. He who has eyes to see, let him see …

A  Hospital  somehow managed to send out 200 death notices for living patients. One now understands hospital billing systems better and might wonder how well they handle patients’ prescriptions …

A Couple   (Not the one who fell off the cliff) was busted for too much X-rated fun in a parking lot. We haven’t heard about any selfies.

Demonstrations have given rise to a new law in Spain  ; the cops may grab your phones and cameras, you must carry official ID at all times and interfering with traffic carries a large fine. Somewhere, General Franco is laughing …

A ‘’ Kill-Switch  “ bill has just passed in California. It was presented as a cell phone shut-off tool to allow government to cut service to stolen phones but  folks are now worried that it will cut service to phones carried by demonstrators and others the government wishes to silence. Naw, never!

In Florida, 3 black teens hospitalized an elderly white woman with a broken collar bone and brain injury. No headlines, no Al Sharpton and the Prez is still out on the links …

A Detroit Area School District has been forced by the Federal Department of Justice to supply teachers, staff and documents in Arabic and other languages to satisfy immigrants. Guess who’ll pay?

In New York City  15 were shot in one night; in the same span in  Chicago,   11 were shot, including a 3 year old.

A 16 year old high school Student  said in a writing assignment, that he bought a gun to shoot his neighbor’s pet dinosaur. He was arrested by police, he and his locker searched and he was suspended. The schools are right up there on the 2nd Amendment!

PIMCO (Pacific Management Investment Company) has Bedbugs   reported in its New York office. Not in its California headquarters. Yet.  We hadn’t known that these financial types had blood in them …

And the Westford Baptist Church  (The folks who picket veterans’ funerals etc.) has announced that it will go to Iraq to protest ISIS. We cannot possibly add to that …

Such are this weeks’ gleanings; we hope that you have found nourishment, amusement or apoplexy among them.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. the unit says:

    This is definitely one of your best summaries and with links provided again. I woke up again last night howling with my cat. I thought it was the cat howling that woke me up, but maybe I woke up the cat. Checked pet health web site…says cat may be suffering from dementia.
    Also 3 black teens hospitalized an elderly white woman with a broken collar bone and brain injury. Thank goodness they hospitalized her, think what could have happen to poor woman un-hospitalized.
    As for “Kill-Switch.” I once wore a small mirror on my shoe toe to school one day long ago. Girl I played Jacks with before class in the morning stomped my foot. Heck, I heard about the technology long before internet. I subscribed to but don’t think it was in ‘Boy’s Life’.
    I enjoy Jack. Me oh my oh, had some fun down on the bayou!

    • Jack Curtis says:

      🙂 Hmnn … Instead of “hospitalized” maybe I could have that the teens helped with job creation at the hospital. General Holder allows only positives re black teens …

  2. michael Curtis says:

    Where can we send donations so more Westford Baptists can go? Can we send the “knockout game” players and the Fergason Rioters too?

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