The Real Problem With Ferguson Isn’t Being Aired

FergusonMichael Brown’s death isn’t a problem. It is a loss, especially for his family. It is merely one of some 400 annual police shooting case we expect every year. It will be reviewed to determine the propriety of the shooting. Just like the other 399 have been and will be. None of that is a problem and it is going on without much remark but in local news everywhere these events occur. But because Brown was black and his shooter was white and because some opportunists saw something they could use for their purposes, Ferguson has some very real, if manufactured, problems.

Here’s a list of the worst:
1. The big news media manufactured a crisis out of inadequate, inaccurate and incomplete facts.
2. Politicians from the President on down reacted publicly to this irresponsible reporting.
3. Black ‘activists,’ thugs, exploiters and thieves from all over pounced upon the media-manufactured target.
4. The Federal government did the same. Are the Feds now empowered to walk in and take over local law enforcement at will? With the Feds, one gets their politics.
Ferguson, because some opportunists have seized a manufactured ‘crisis’ is now a mess in the eyes of the world. Gee, thanks!

The growing mobs of ‘protesters’ are both local and imported from many places. They range from throwing gasoline bombs at police and looting stores to peaceful marchers. Their behavior worsens with each night as the local police control is replaced by ‘higher authority.’ The local cops moved in on the crime; they were called off and replaced by those who understood that blacks should be indulged in such behavior. Of course, nobody said that; it is just what appears to have occurred.

The Feds demanded a new autopsy; its only published comment we know of was that Michael Brown ‘may’ when he was shot, have had his hands up. Or of course, not. That is not something an autopsy can determine as a rule. But so unprofessional a declaration from the pathologist who did the Federal autopsy clearly displays his role in this political theater. As also does the reporting of this comment b the media clarify their role. They are cheerleaders for the intended lynching of a white cop.

We don’t know whether the shooting was or was not appropriate; we likely never will know. Too many powerful people now have an interest in the case. Some of us have heard that more than 12 witnesses support the cop’s version of the story, and we heard that the cop was injured. More of us haven’t yet been told of that. Why?

In addition to the four wrongs listed above, there is a single, central wrong: Giving extra attention to a death because the victim is black, is wrong. It says that race matters in justice; that blacks are more deserving of government attention than others. It assumes that killers of blacks are guilty of something before the evidence is in. It is in plain words, pure racial bias by government and politicians who preach but do not practice, equality. That adds hypocrisy to the wrong.

Michael Brown was a human being; as such his death must be justified by his killer. The same is true for every citizen of any color or creed. When anyone is treated differently because of his pigmentation, religion, sex, or any other extraneous issue, that is fundamentally immoral, and there is no excuse.
And that is what is wrong in Ferguson. But you won’t hear it discussed …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to The Real Problem With Ferguson Isn’t Being Aired

  1. Political opportunists – yes. But if you are not you get ignored.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Exactly so, and here we are at the end of yet another era of human civilization … It seems (to me) to be built into us. Though repetitious, I’ll add that it may be why our species needs no external predator …

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