Michael Brown Replaces Trayvon Marin As The Show Goes On

Justice, Not A Lynching ...

Justice, Not A Lynching …

Trayvon Martin is dead, buried and wrung dry; Michael Brown is in play in Martin’s role as understudy. A succession of dead blacks is needed to keep life in the client relationship between blacks and the political Left and to keep whites feeling guilty enough to put up with reverse racism as black revenge.

This need is awkward because most black deaths are caused by other blacks and those won’t do; white killers are needed for this program. It was awkward when Travon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman, turned out Hispanic.  The media were force to invent a new collective: “white Hispanic” to hold the narrative together.

With respect to Brown, we have already sent in the hit team from the Department of Justice (The same that poured kerosene on the Martin-Zimmerman blaze) and the Prez has already spoken. We have been told that poor, innocent Brown was callously shot in the back while he was unarmed, with his hands in the air. However, as no one yet knows the facts of what h occurred and there are both witnesses and evidence to the contrary, we had best ask ourselves what is going on here.

The news media have not waited for facts; they have already published the name and home address of the cop who is said to have shot Brown. We’re reminded of the standard instruction in the Old West for folks charged with cattle rustling: “Give him a fair trial, then take him out and hang him!”

Brown’s death is a succeeding act in political theater, a piece of political opportunism sustained by the Lefitish media for their political patrons. Inconvenient facts are unwanted and forgotten where possible. Lynch the white (we assume) cop and get on with it …

In fact, we need the facts and a measured response to them, not the current media-inspired hysteria and political opportunism. It matters not one whit the color of Michael Brown, black, white or green. What matters, is whether the officer was justified under those circumstances, in killing a human being. And if we are provided that, it will result from a careful, objective review of the facts.  And that seems the last thing our leaders wish to provide …

We should ask ourselves: How is justice provided in a society where everything is politicized? One day, we too may face charges of some sort …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Michael Brown Replaces Trayvon Marin As The Show Goes On

  1. Michael says:

    New facts just out, Brown had a knife. Not that that mattered, all the shots were from the front other then one on the top of the head. The story also came out that the officer did know he robbed the store earlier. So the story goes, brown attacked the officer when he was told to freeze, then tried to attack him again and was shot dead. Same as Travon Martin.

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