Political Theater And The Crisis Du Jour, Substituting For News …

Political TheaterAmerican and European voters (unless they’re Swiss) are being herded through elections by political theatrical performances intended to maintain those in power so that they can reward their supporters. (Situation normal …)

A highly educated society is hard to herd; that is why U.S. public education has dropped from the world’d best a few decades ago, to 17th in a recent survey. That and of course, it pleases the teachers’ unions that don’t approve of measuring teacher performance. American voters appear more amenable to their herders than they once did. But back then, they were exposed to more viewpoints, too.

We no longer see news; what we see between commercials, is crises. Instead of a stream of 15 second sound bites covering many news items from all over, we see endless recycling of the crisis du jour, often short of many fact but always full of emotions. The major media, controlled by  fewer people these days, locksteps the Leftish view with Fox News playing the Rightish opposition. All are presenting political theater as we see it, none but Internet oddballs are trying to inform the citizens.

America appears, with most of the other significant members of the international system of finance, headed full speed over a financial Niagara in a barrel; the barrel will have to serve as a wardrobe in case of survival. No news there … and no headlines.

President Obama is taking heat for the evils of Islamic terrorism personified by ISIS while he receives Left-ish approval for limiting Israel’s defense against the same treatment by Hamas. Business as usual here, too.

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman having been wrung dry, the role is now being filled by Michael Brown (deceased) and a cop in Ferguson, MO. The scenario is the same, only the actors have been updated.

While Russia is grabbing at the Ukrainian Donbas after swallowing Crimea, a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet has crashed in Ukraine; we hear from ex-Congressman Ron Paul that the U.S. government knows but is withholding what occurred. Letting that our might mar performances …

And at last count, the U.S. was engaged in some 74 different wars around the globe with the balance of that held offstage, out of sight.

America’s existential problem — and Europe’s and Russia’s and China’s — is government spending in excess of resources, facing an ever more impending stock market collapse. But that’s not playing in headlines; we get wars we can’t finance, dead black teens (dead white ones are routine) and Moslems who are awful unless it is Jews they are killing.

None of our ‘informants’ of the media seems to worry about how any of what they are distracting us with will be financed, the goal is to keep us distracted and cheering for the on-stage political choices, not for reality that benefits neither political party.

We are supposed for instance, to accept thousands of unaccompanied Central American kids, significant numbers of whom are unfamiliar with toilets, suddenly decided like lemmings, to travel the length of Mexico (How did they pay for that?)  and cross the Rio Grande just as our President passed the order for the Border Patrol to let them in?  And in the throes of getting amnesty through Congress, too. Fortuitous timing, to say the least. Remarkable!

All this, while it is accomplishing it goal for the politicians, is not providing very good government, in our opinion. And the more reality we are able to learn from canvassing the Internet, the worse it seems. Which may help explain why the government is pushing so hard and so quietly to grab control of the Internet as China and Russia and others have already accomplished.

It’s increasingly difficult with all the media blaring the same scripted performances, to root around for reality but it is worth the trouble that it requires. The payoff for the trouble isn’t, unfortunately, avoidance of the results of bad government, but at least, you may see it coming …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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3 Responses to Political Theater And The Crisis Du Jour, Substituting For News …

  1. michael Curtis says:

    Black death is also not reported by the media if the shooter is also black, as most of them are.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Yeah … Blacks, under the pressure of Federal programs to help them, seem to have abandoned their churches and families ahead of everybody else. I wonder if the present abandonment of churches and families by whites will have a similar result in the crime stats?

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