If the Arabs Could Learn Success From Israel …

The suicide bomber is now a truthful model of the Arab’s senseless war on the Jews. What the Arabs have not realized is that the ultimate cost of their murderous hatred of the Jewish people may

Rocket Leaving Gaza for Israel

Rocket Leaving Gaza for Israel

be the suicide of their own culture.

We hear that Arab leaders see Hamas as worse than Israel, but stay silent.  We also hear that Islam is a “religion of peace” but none of those ‘Arab leaders’ ever seem to get up and denounce the murdering terrorists. We suppose that, like fast food nowadays, is considered unhealthy. We guess that the fast food may require longer to kill you, though. Denouncing Israel however, is not only safe, but may even improve political health, at least in Lefty circles. We understand why ‘Arab leaders’ might be a bit reticent if these are their opinions.

What is evident is a sea change in the realities of activities between Israel and a few of the Arab countries. Jordan has been cooperating on security matters for a while, though not admitting it. Egypt has become very cooperative since the military bounced the Moslem Brotherhood ex-President; the Egyptians leave no doubt that they oppose Hamas. That’s an offshoot of that selfsame Moslem Brotherhood. Egyptian closing of the Gaza border has both simplified Israel’s task in Gaza and helped both Egypt and Israel in dealing with the terrorist population in Sinai.

Various explanations exist for the virulence of the visceral hatred of Jews by Arabs. Both are historically the same Semitic folk, though Israelis now are as much or more Caucasian via their sojourn in Europe and the U.S. before becoming Israelis. In any case, Israel makes all the tin pot Arab countries’ inadequacies unarguable and what dictator needs that? Then there is the incessant propaganda from childhood. Add the Islamic view of Jews on top of those and you have a picture. And as so many other aspects of Islam; that seems self-destructive.

Israel is a working democracy in a region of dictators. The Arabs could learn a lot, improving their lives in the process by contemplating how that works. The Arab Springs show that they are not happy with what they have. Israel is an economic and technical success where neither is true elsewhere among the Arabs. Again, Israel has much to teach and the Arabs are clearly in need of such knowledge. The Middle East is provided a lighthouse to progress and its reaction is to destroy it. It seems rather like the passengers on a sinking ship, hurrying to punch holes in all the lifeboats. Much of Hamas and Hezbollah for that matter, are notably funded by Gulf oil money owned by wealthy power brokers with deep stakes in the status quo and by Iran, historically looking to manipulate the Arabs. Neither is happy with a strong, stable and successful democracy in the middle of their playing field.

However, most Arabs are not Islamic terrorists; they are just people in a tough neighborhood trying to get by and maybe acquire a decent life. The best route to that is for them, to study what Israel has done and to learn from it and in their own ways, to do likewise. It is always much more productive to imitate success than to destroy it. But Homo Sapiens is a contrary, cussed species on occasion and the Arabs of the Middle East seem stuck in that mode, hoodwinked by their self-serving and highly dishonest ‘leaders..’ Those who actually see Israel as superior to Hamas, but refuse to say so in public. It’s a shame when you toss out your dictator and then, because you’re Moslem, find yourself stuck with another, more regressive dictator as your prize while next door, the Jews prosper.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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8 Responses to If the Arabs Could Learn Success From Israel …

  1. Destiny/God or someone, must really have it in for the Jews. If any category of people in the world has justification for a persecution complex on the basis of treatment past and present, the Jews must be the front-runner for miles. Yet they don’t appear to have a persecution complex. When problems happen, they deal with them. In a lot of ways, for their own sake, they don’t deserve Israel. Nobody flourishes in a bad neighbourhood. Personally, I think they should have been given Germany as their homeland, but our world doesn’t do justice. Ed Hussain commented that Arabs are great at tearing governments down – but seem to lack the ability to build stable societies. I expect this is an adaptation to the “biggest bastard in charge” style of government. The sensible way of dealing with a bad neighbourhood and troublemakers is to move out, leave them to get on with it and don’t allow them to move into your neighbourhood. But our political leaders know better.

  2. Jahilliya says:

    The word is out that the so called “Jews” of Israel are not real Jews but converts from other countries. Latest DNA evidence proves this apparently. Ed Milliband just said killing Gaza children is sick, so he must be anti-Jewish then – even though he has been known to support Israel and is himself Jewish.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      A “real Jew” is as up-for-grabs these days as a “real Christian” or a “real Moslem,” I suspect. Seems irrelevant to the attitude of the Moslem Arabs in Gaza, however.

      The original advice against killing each other is, so far as I know, the Jewish 5th Commandment, though there were likely predecessors generally. But, you start throwing missiles at populations, you best expect response against your own population in human war. That’s likely why our species has no external predator … we do it ourselves!

  3. Jack Curtis says:

    Well, one chooses a viewpoint for oneself. Israel sits on land thee Brits took from Turkey as a result of defeating that country in WWI. The Allies of WWII had the UN offer it to Israel. The local Arabs had supported the Nazis (mostly). When Israel was proclaimed, the local Arabs all attacked it and were defeated. The folks in Gaza and the West Bank are mostly descended from refugees who fled that fighting.. The ones who stayed are now Israeli citizens along with the Jews. A bunch more are stuck in semi-prison camps because the local Arabs won’t allow them to immigrate. A very messy aftermath of an enormous war, still festering today only because the Arabs and Iran won’t allow peace. If one wishes to find ‘theft’ in all that, the Turks were first, then the Allies and the Jews were not thieves but recipients.
    The expansion of Israel has been a result of Arab attacks that failed. The region’s history has always been such. It’s difficult for me, to say that any of it is either pure or simple; it seems quie the contrary!

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