Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother week ending, we offer our selections from the news and nonsense:

Israel: Top Obama officials blast Israel for depriving Palestinians of sovereignty, security and dignity (while rockets fall upon Israel). Thousands demonstrated in Europe against Israel’s attacks on Gaza rocket launch sites. How dare the damn Jews defend themselves??? Things seem to be returning to normal, after the era of post-holocaust guilt.

Detroit buses are infested with bedbugs. The city  feels picked upon; it says many cities deal with this issue. (And now, so do libraries, hotels, hospitals and airliners.) When or likely better, if it hits headlines, President Obama will not have been aware of it and it will be President Bush’s fault, somehow.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a proposed rule giving it the power to directly garnish people’s wages without going to court. Next thing you know, E.P.A.t will be handing out death sentences …

The European Union’s “right to be forgotten” court decision has forced Google to remove over 70,000 links and that’s looking like a very, very small down payment on what this decision is doing to the search providers. And folks searching will no longer have confidence they are getting a reasonably thorough search. Such privacy is becoming costly … (How did that come to be a ‘right?‘)

A San Antonio man, 56, sitting alone on a bench while awaiting a bus at an Amtrak station was attacked and beaten to death while a crowd watched. Chicago, home of rigid gun laws, reported over 50 shot and at least 7 dead over the weekend. New York City reported 12 shot with 3 dead in just five hours. We remember when nearly everybody disapproved of this sort of things …

A new ‘study‘ suggests that organic fruit and vegetables are health-promoting, more so than other sources. Maybe, we don’t know. But a careful reading of the ‘study’ gives us a feeling that it was likely funded by providers of organics …

Global Warming Report: Brisbane, Australia experienced its coldest June in 103 years. (It’s winter down there.) Antarctica is having its coldest winter ever recorded. And Chicago is expecting record low for summer as a result of something called a “Polar Vortex.” Dumb weather continues to ignore the politicians!

Cops reported a woman who stopped, stripped naked and performed yoga exercises in the roadway. Hmnn … Couldn’t they just have used an iphone and YouTube?

We’re told that a lot (35%) of Millennials are overqualified for their jobs, have huge student debt and can’t get hired in their degree fields. Then we hear that some 42% claim that they are socialists … and that 16% actually know what that means. All is coming clear …

The President of Texas University was forced out over an admissions scandal. Hmnn … The U.S. has not been high on the list of corrupt countries, but we seem to be working on it.

The European Union is going after Amazon, Google and others in order to ‘protect’ the citizens from the tech giants. And if you believe that ... What the E.U. actually wants — is slavering for — is control of the Internet. Just like every other government on earth. Free communication and news access provides citizens too much power …

We hear that the median grade (received by the most students) is now an A- at Harvard. Considering how much it charges for tuition, that seems like the least it can do …

Economic Recovery Bulletin: The percentage of Americans on welfare has reached a record high.

Iran is receiving $1.17 B invested by an American green energy corporation. We wonder how much might be ‘loaned’ to that corporation by U.S. taxpayers? (We don’t know; we’re suspicious.)

Report: That $3.7 B that the President wants in order to relieve suffering at the border, includes $625 M to fight western states forest fires.

Houston, lik  many other places, protects its citizens from excessive numbers of garage sales, recently nailing a disabled couple for the crime. In other news, a Houston mass shooting suspect was found to have a long history of domestic violence …

And finally, a warning for residents around New Jersey’s largest lake: Your waters are harboring (and it is verified) a 15 to 20 foot boa constrictor. (Anaconda?) We understand that President Obama is unaware of this and that it is definitely, President Bush’s fault.

And so passes another week.





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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. Stop the ride, I want to get off! There are too many clowns running this circus, get me out of here!

    I empathize with naked yoga girl, most of us are completely losing our minds. On the bright side, she did pick a rather creative way to express herself. 🙂

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Each passing week reinforces the thought that, while we weren’t looking, someone replaced reality with surreality …

      The Yoga Girl stopped traffic; none can deprive her of that. But her act seems as bereft of thought as of costume …

  2. Michael says:

    More news of common core, I don’t know if it is fantasy or real. But there was a reported leak of what should be taught in American history. According to unreliable sources there is no mention of any founding father except George Washington, and only then of his opinion that the 2 party system would not work. There is no mention of D-day or any of the battles of WW2 and no mention of Hitler, there is a mention of the morality of using atomic bombs by the US on the Japanese. It seems if this information is correct, that Big brother (the liberals) have just taken a large step for man in becoming the 1984 and Hitler Youth that we all thought they would. Heaven forbid that Michelle Obama would tell children to report their parents if they are not politically correct.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Well, then we can hope that this turns out to be some paranoid conspiracy theory! But I admit that I wouldn’t bet on that being so. Because historically, you describe how it has always worked …

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