What If Israel Ignored Its “Friends” And Just Kicked The Murderous Arabs Out?

Israel's Flag

Israel’s Flag

Hamas needs a war with Israel to prod its various donors into upping their declining financial contributions, from what we hear. So Hamas is upping its rocketry of Israel to force the Israelis into the desired response.

Hamas and for that matter, Fatah are the hapless governors of “Palestine” and thereby forced into this position. Their tiny Gaza and West Bank portions of bastard Israel depend upon donors; they are too small and unproductive to stand alone. Those mostly Arab donors are motivated by using Gaza and the West Bank as weapons against the Jewish state. That is done by confining the ‘Palestinian” Arabs therein and endlessly propagandizing them toward Israel’s destruction from birth. This reminds of one definition of a coach: A fellow who is glad to give your life for his team …

Never mind that the Jewish democracy prospers beyond their reach; Hamas and Fatah are provided a reason to exist and that will do for their leaders. Besides, the rockets that support this dance are smuggled in from Iran at affordable prices. Meanwhile, Israel is restrained by Europe and the U.S. from responding in any meaningful fashion. Arabs can kill Jews at random, it seems, Jews may not respond likewise.

As this cycle grinds into its fourth or fifth iteration, some Jews are tiring of it; the recent arrest of six Israelis for their ‘revenge’ kidnapping and murder of a Palestinian teen shows what’s going on. Israelis are becoming tired of being targets for Arabs while their own hands are tied by “international opinion.” This threatens the Israeli governing coalition that includes some who approve of these “price tag” Jewish responses.

Any but Israel would long since have cleared out the infection from Gaza and the West Bank and put an end to the problem but Jews aren’t allowed to do that. They were supposed to disappear under the original onslaught of all the surrounding Arabs and their reluctance to do so is why they’re still there in the first place; it’s their own fault. If that were not enough, they lack enough oil to sell. So they repeat the cycle of war followed by non-peace with “Palestinian” enemies maintained on their borders, until they finally get the message and succumb.

At least, that’s the seeming scenario. But the Jews have remained for millennia by not reading other folks’ scenarios; what if they once again did as they need to do regardless of E.U. and U.S. sensibilities? After all, from their point of view, what have they to lose? They were written off by most in the first place …

But though madness rules the Middle East, it doesn’t seem mad enough for that … Yet.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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5 Responses to What If Israel Ignored Its “Friends” And Just Kicked The Murderous Arabs Out?

  1. As you mentioned, I don’t think Isreal has enough economic clout to sustain its current military without help. Such an action would turn countries who are tolerant of its existence (egypt/turkey) into staunch enemies. The people of egypt are certainly very anti-israel. It’s only the government holding them back.

  2. Jim Teague says:

    Israel notifies targets in advance since Hamas hides in homes. Here is the Hamas version:
    Hello Jewish (dog) apartment dwellers. 10 rockets are heading your way. Please keep reading this notice. Allar Aqbar!

    • Jack Curtis says:

      That seems to be the purpose of maintaining the ‘Palestinians” around Israel; to eventually bleed the country to death financially if not literally.

  3. This is a perfect example about how third party interference makes a situation worse. Without outsider interference if the Arabs, any of them, started a war, the Israelis could finish it. War over. Life returns to normal. This ongoing sore can be attributed in large measure to outside interference. Who while making the situation worse, sit on the high moral ground and absolve themselves from the consequences of their own actions.

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