Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother sevenday having passed, our gleanings therefrom, forthwith:

China now claims the entire China Sea, pausing only at the shorelines of several other countries. Japan has responded by removing the leash from its military for which China has now unleashed constant Anti-Japanese propaganda.  Both have mismanaged their finances and face economic stress at home, from which a nice little war would distract …

And China has also laid a claim on Mars.

America’s new (If anything this far behind its promise date can be called: “new”) 5th generation F – 35 aircraft has absorbed over a trillion dollars with none but test models produced. Its technological promise remains a promise unfulfilled due to “technical difficulties.” And now, years and carloads of money into the program, someone has realized that the vertical takeoff version’s jet exhaust is so hot that it’s likely to melt the ships from which it’s supposed to take off. “Oops!” doesn’t seem to cover it …

South Korea (No enemy) and China (No friend) have agreed to trade in their own currencies instead of using the international U.S. Dollar standard. Russia is leading the “BRICS” (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in the same direction. They are dancing to the tune of receding U.S. power, upon the grave of the international system of finance as though somehow, they could avoid going down with it. (A replay of the Great Depression.)

The U.S. is now the world’s No. 1 oil producer, ahead of the Saudis. But it still imports oil and bans exports.

A woman was arrested for starting a fire in her home to kill a spider.

Gas Prices have hit a 6 year high.

A new process of supercooling may save a lot of lives by tripling the time between organ removal and implantation.

In Brooklyn, a 15 year old girl sitting on a park bench was beaten by a group while witnesses just watched. A 79 year old Orthodox Jew was beaten on the street by two women, 18 and 28. Motive, “unclear.” New York City’s weekend: 4 shot dead, 19 wounded. In Chicago’s weekend, 1 was shot dead, 35 were wounded. In Newark, a just-graduated cheerleader was murdered and her friend shot on the street. A man was arrested for pitchforking his neighbor’s face. In Los Angeles, a shooting left one dead and four wounded at one BET (Black Entertainment Television)  awards party while a stabbing occurred at another. Used to be, waling on the street was boring and parties were safe places to be …

A participant in something called the “All American Bar Crawl” stripped naked, ran out to a car and led the cops in a high speed chase until he crashed.

NASA”s National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) quietly reinstated July, 1936 as the hottest month on record after being called out in several news reports for fudging data. It had been incorrectly claiming July, 2012 instead. And Antarctic sea ice has set two new expanse records in a single week. Somehow, the more the climate changes, the more it seems to remain the same …

A man was jailed for fighting over a church pew.

A woman was arrested for posing as a doctor and doing physical exams of truck drivers.

Republicans in Congress quietly killed the required reporting of privately sponsored Congressional travel.

A pizza deliveryman was beaten on the street by strangers using a baseball bat, who did not rob him.

Uniguest, that supplies internet service to Hyatt hotels and others, apparently blocks conservative beb sites like Drudge  and RedState.

Various of the media have reported that Phoenix had the 7th hottest June on record. That seems to us, a rather awkward way of saying that June was cooler than usual …

And finally, a candidate for this year’s Darwin awards: A fan at a heavy metal concert had to be taken to the emergency room; his enthusiastic head banging caused his brain to bleed. We guess that was the first real evidence that he had one …

All that in only 7 days …



























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