Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannHere we are again, reviewing the more interesting or less advertised human follies of the week. All yours:

For those who haven’t heard: The IRS made foreign tax havens an offer they couldn’t refuse. Either report annually to the IRS any U.S. person’s accounts and activity, or be assessed a 30% “tax.” Yes, even Switzerland. So if you bank overseas, it’s no secret anymore and if a foreign bank refused you an account, they just don’t need the hassle. Either way, you’re screwed …  Guess we’re all back to lumpy mattresses!

Venezuela, our most recent Socialist Paradise Paradigm, has gone dark; the hapless and increasingly impecunious government can’t keep the lights on. We assume that this is Bush’s fault. Venezuela is headed down the same drain that disposed of the Soviet Union … and looms in front of the U.S. and the E.U. Or so we think. You may think for yourself!

According to a study at the Center for Immigration Studies, all the net new jobs since 20000 have gone to immigrants …

This week’s Knockout Game report (black teens unexpectedly belting unsuspecting whites from behind, on the street) is from Oakland. We, knowing that anything we say will be used against us, have no comment.

The NOAA (NASA department much enamored of global warming) has been nailed for as it were, cooking the books. It is said to have fudged its measurements to show global warming, when the fact is, North America (the place in question) has really been cooling since the 1930’s. We doubt somehow, that this is science … We believe that we do understand what it actually is, though … Perhaps you do, too.

We hear that nearly half of what still remains of Detroit, once the nations’s third largest city, is not paying its water bills. The impecunious residents still stuck there seem to think they are entitled to free water. At whose expense is apparently, ignored since few are paying taxes either. No surprise, with the long history of Democrats in charge. The water utility (must be run bey Republicans) is threatening to shut of the water of the non-payers; the resulting shock has paralyzed the politicians. Wonder what the so-called, bankruptcy court will do …

Los Angeles seems to be undergoing a new ratings scandal; its broadcast ratings have recently, been bouncing all over he place. We may doubt ratings on occasion, but we know our elections are honest, right?

The Bay Bridge to Oakland has acquired a brand new span, erected over the water by a Chinese low bidder. It seems that somehow, now that the thing is done an working, all the inspections complete, that cracks have suddenly appear in the bridges’ welded joints. That is not allowed, we hear. But the news having gone out after the bridge was completed, California has decided that cracked welds on metal suspension bridges are ok after all … Very practical, assuming that Bay Area residents all can swim.

Kevin McCarthey, the GOP’s new House Majority Leader taking over from from a predecessor dumped by the voters for supposedly, being too liberal (if you’re Republican) or for being Jewish (if you’re a Democrat), has just said that he wants to “change the country” and “restructure the government.”

The Federal Department of Transportation wants to keep you safe, by regulating all forms of driver navigation — including the Internet. It has asked Congress for the authority. The Feds cannot stand a free Internet; they’ll keep trying. For your protection, of course.

Rand Paul complained that Congress “Routinely exempts itself from the legislation it passes.” Duh!

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has ordered thousands of pairs of men’s underwear of all sizes, the order marked “URGENT.” Given what is being done at our southern border, we prefer not to know details …

Nigeria, but few news media reported another 91 people kidnapped by Moslem terrorists. This time, 60 were women and 31 were boys. Hmnnn …The government has closed its ‘investigation’ into the missing 200 schoolgirls, who are still missing. That’s ok; they were only Christians.

School shootings, we’ve heard, have declined, not increased over the last several decades.

A drone was reported peeping into a Seattle woman’s apartment window. A fallback for when she won’t send you a selfie?

Drivers in Oregon will be subject to mandatory blood draws if they refuse to blow into a breathalyzer, according to reports. If a driver resits too much, the blood will be taken at the police station or a medical facility. Don’t know about the drivers, but it seems as though the U.S. Constitution is bleeding …

The mandated amount of biodiesel in Minnesota trucker’s diesel fuel has just been doubled. The biodiesel (like corn-based alcohol mandated in gasoline) isn’t very efficient economically, but its made from soybeans, a huge state crop. That the farmers will now have to pay truckers more to haul.

The University of North Carolina -Wilmington has, believe it or not, five “Diversity and Inclusion” offices according to a report. And it has just hired a Director of Diversity and Inclusion at a six figure salary to supervise them. No wonder student loan debt has skyrocketed …

Apparently, nobody has done anything particularly interesting while naked this week, leaving us without anything funny with which to close. Unless you are as amused as we by the government’s insistence that our economy is in a “recovery.


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