Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother Saturn’s day, ending the old week and presenting our selected summary of cogent through ridiculous events and reports:

The U.S. depends now upon China for nearly all of its antibiotics; India is thought to have too many safety issues. And Europe depends upon Russia for gas for its heaters …makes us feel secure, right?

Privacy: People have the right to “be forgotten” on the Internet, per the European Union’s top court. The U.S. government is testing an Internet I.D. system …

Reports have a Department of Justice “Operation Choke Point” program said to consist of leaning on banks to cut off financing of gun and ammo sellers, payday lenders and other businesses that though perfectly legal, the Feds disapprove

U.S. bank regulators are demanding billions from a French bank, for violating trade sanctions. .  Whom is really punished here?

Japan raised its consumption tax (like a sales tax) from 5% to 8%. Last time around, there was a short boost in sales by folks accelerating purchases to beat the onset of the new tax, followed by a long decline in sales after the tax hit, leading into a recession. Politicians seem never to notice that money government sucks out of private hands weakens the economy.

The New York Times concluded a lengthy investigation into fixing soccer matches, just in time to learn that a Qatar official paid millions for the award of the 2022 World Cup. But of course we know that American baseball, football, basketball and hockey are clean.

A Detroit area library was closed on account of bedbugs.

50% of college grads continue to need family financial help after graduation. Kids are no longer being hired, too expensive. Children are increasingly a liability …

The boss at the Bank of England said that interest rates may rise before the markets expect that. The inflation lump under the government spending policy rug is becoming harder to hide …

Chicago has pension obligations it can’t pay, 12 people shot over Dads’ day weekend and flash mobs looting retailers. Mayor Rahm Emanuel used to be President Obama’s staff boss.

Drones, we’re told, are about to be everywhere. Taking selfies with drones is the New Thing … We’re also told of more than 400 drones that have crashed since 2001.

Consumer prices for meat, poultry, fish and eggs have hit record highs. Guess all those at the Fed who see no inflation must be vegetarians …

A woman was found vandalizing a stranger’s home, naked.

Obamacare premium subsidies are already costing more than expected.

A passenger was trapped in a plane’s toilet for a 15 hour flight. Well, he, she or it was spared airline ‘food’ and besides, that was better than being locked OUT for 15 hours, right?

Wikileaks published an international trade deal being set up in secret, applying to 68% of services traded. Governments sure don’t like the citizens knowing what goes on …

A judge ordered a Navy sailor at sea on a lengthy cruise to appear at his ex wife’s child custody hearing or face jail and risk losing custody of his daughter. (Government being helpful)

Los Angeles is erecting ‘one minute’ parking signs in Brentwood. Yes, really!

The war in Iraq cost (so far):  $1.7 Trillion, 189,000 direct war deaths, 655,000 indirect deaths and 2.8 Million displaced refugees. Please remind us again of what we gained from it?

Research shows that negative people are more efficient workers.

A morgue refused a 440 lb. body because it was “too fat.” Too much dead weight..?

And so another week slips away after adding its bit to our general confusion. We hope you have found something worthy of your time and perhaps even of a little thought.







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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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