Hanging The President (For Things That Aren’t His Fault)

Lynching ObamaEvery so often, the U.S. arms industry confronts a decline in government arms spending and it never does so gladly. That is now again the case, in the face of both unsustainable deficits and American political discontent with the results of the blood and treasure dispensed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There is plenty of room for such cuts; the U.S. spends considerably more on its military than do the nest 10 largest spenders together. Nevertheless, the war material makers contribute a lot to politicians and call in their chits when cuts are in the offing. This puts politicians between the traditional rock and a hard place; in this instance, between big contributors and voters who have turned against jingoistic foreign policy. Our tortured Prez hardly knows which way to turn, so he plays a lot of golf.

Given his sales pitch for Obamacare and a few other ‘misspeakings’ that he has produced, we wonder if his golf associates believe his scorecard … but we digress.

The Prez can’t win just now. The whoe Middle East pot is aboil with a very unpalatable Islamic soup that is to too large a degree for comfort, cooked up by our Prex since he has been in office. And the worst part is Iraq, that he criticized when Bush was doing it and that he has now presided over for several years during which he had his chance to fix it.

The joker in this deck is, Iraq has never been a country; it is a Frankencountry stitched together by the British during their disposition of the Turkish Empire after WWI. Its majority Sha Moslems, minority Sunni Moslems and even more minority Kurdish Moslems want no part of each other. Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia are stirring this pot, too. And now all this is somehow, President Obama’s fault? It used to be George Bush’s fault, remember?

And it’s now the Prez’ fault that Russian is moving on Ukraine yet again, just as it has done previously. But none complained about Presidential leadership while Pakistan was creating the Taliban and boarding Osama bin Laden …

But it all does help distract from the very real facts that our presidents have been sinking the American economy with budgets that obligate our grandchildren with debt and policies that choke the energy and industry that have produced U.S. wealth … In the past.  But it all somehow works out; we may be hanging our presidents for the wrong things, but at least we’re hanging them for something. Now, we need to draw a better bead on Congress!

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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6 Responses to Hanging The President (For Things That Aren’t His Fault)

  1. “…we may be hanging our presidents for the wrong things, but at least we’re hanging them for something..”

    ROFL! I love that. Well said. Congresscritters, you’re next.

    It’s great karma, I mean, the only branch of the government that ever listens to us is the NSA. Politicians go right on identifying the wrong problems and coming up with the wrong solutions, so it seems only fair that we hang them all for the wrong reasons.

  2. James says:

    Shut down Saudi Arabian funding of Sunni terrorists. Definitely help the Kurds (like Colin Powell and George Bush senior should have done), decimate a few pickup truck convoys if you can id the ISIL from the Iraqis and Kurds. Flatten the siege around the oil refinery and completely destroy that chemical base. Level the playing field and prepare to deal with three countries rather than one. The proposed name for the middle country is Sunniland (ISIL territory) and it can be used for a drone practice area.

    I know you don’t agree with the drones, but I think they are one of three good things President Obama has done and I don’t care if some Yemenis or Pakistanis complain. They supported the Al Qaeda and Taliban anyway.

    The other two were taking out Osama and the pick up of the Benghazi planner just recently. In all other respects Mr. Obama policy leadership is a disaster for our country and the failure of Congress to rein him in is an equal disaster.

    His pronouncements are deliberate lies, immigration procedures are now in shambles, IRS political target evidence is deliberately destroyed , citizens are harassed, business shut down, the Attorney General protects the guilty. BLM and Homeland security knock on doors with military equipment outside, local education control is ceded to the Feds over a small pot of money, patriotism is forbidden in schools, marriage is destroyed, biology is ignored to totally confuse gender. I could go on, but its time to go do some work.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Have to admit, it’s tempting! Needs money, though. About the drones: How do we assure that they will always be used for targets of which we approve? That’s one hangup. Guess I’ll buy in when I have approval of all targets … Likely won’t happen until I take over!

  3. james teague says:

    We don’t agree on everything, that’s ok. You running?

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Disagreement is welcome, most especially when the reasons are ppr provided. And as to running, it would be from, not for …but I’ll hold your coat while you do it!

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