Iraq, With A Little More Perspective …


ISIS Terrorists

ISIS Terrorists

Iraqis full of things that the ‘news’ media have not bothered to report in their descriptions of its developing chaos. For one thing, it’s not so chaotic as it sounds; the fighting and jihadist atrocities are mostly in the Sunni parts of the country. The majority Shiites are not fond of the Sunni terrorists of ISIS.

When Iraq was set up by the British, the Sunni Moslems were in charge to prevent the country from lining up with Shiite Moslem Iran, a natural antagonist for the Sunni Gulf Arabs. The removal of Saddam Hussein let the Shiite majority take over government for the first time and the Sunni minority has been looking for a way to regain power. The Sunni jihadists of ISIS seemed to supply the opportunity. However, there are some difficult details remaining.

First, there are some three Iraqi Shiites for every Sunni and these are organizing rapidly against the terrorists now that the Iraqi Army has collapsed for the moment. And they include numbers of trained militia. Second, Shiite Iran has sent special forces to help out to the point that Tikrit is already mostly free of jihadists. And then, there are the Kurds.

The Kurds (who are not Arabs) have used the emergency to take control of the Iraqi oil regions that occupies their traditional lands. In a sort of deal with the government, they will keep the jihadists out of the oilfields and protect the area. That is for the government, paying the Danegeld and the lingering problem will be regaining control of the oil.

Meantime, the Shiite government is as much paralyzed by corruption as by the Sunnis. The same problem pervades the military, weakening it. But at least, the oil that is such crucial revenue is being pumped. We will have to see who ends up with that revenue …

It does not seem to us that the ISIS juhadists (who have been denounced by al Qaeda) are going to take Iraq or even a piece of it for long. But the Iraqis really don’t need help to make a mess of things. We suppose that ISIS will be dumped, leaving the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds looking at one another with the Kurds, sitting on the oil. The Iranians will be presenting a bill for their help, too. And with all these in play, the corruption seems likely to if anything, increase. A mess, though not a 6th Century style Islamic religious dictatorship.

So from the U.S. view, America has succeeded in converting a nasty dictatorship that under Saddam Hussein had fought a war with Iran, to a failed state that is now leaning in Iran’s direction … A real foreign policy triumph, right up there with dumping the frieindly Shah of Iran in favor of the present ruling Ayatollahs and their incipient nukes. Too many powerful people haven’t been careful enough of what they wished for …

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5 Responses to Iraq, With A Little More Perspective …

  1. James Teague says:

    To Iraq subdivided and bowing to Iran, one must also add supporting the “Arab Spring” in Syria to drive out that bad Assad. He at least allowed the small remnants of historical Christian communities. The on again, off again, maybe we will, maybe we won’t, here are some Libyan manpads, oops better get those back have so hobbled the moderates that the radicals have destroyed them, consolidated their hold in Syria and expanded into Iraq. They have real weapons, not improvised shells. Tanks, helicopters(with pilots) and artillery now.

    Obama allowed ISIL(ISIS) to grow by handwringing. Strange, it could not have been Valerie Jarrett’s wish for this as she is all Iranian in outlook. It will be tough driving them out without the kind of ferocious will like Assad and Hezbollah have demonstrated. Don’t need gas, just relentless bombing, shelling, throttling supplies until they’re ground down, because they will not give up. Maybe Iran will demonstrate its A-bomb here first, then demand concessions of the world.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      And Europe and North America are abandoning the religious values that framed technical advancement and prevented their acting like the rest of the world … That seems to be the current trajectory …

  2. michael Curtis says:

    You didn’t even mention Libya, who was cured of terrorism by Ronald Reagan. Until Obama bombed the leader out and let the terrorists get control. Result Bengazi.

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