The Whole World’s A Stage …

Presto! Out of Thin Air!

Presto! Out of Thin Air!

While we don’t see that President Obama understands either leadership or the meaning and desirability of basic honesty, we are also less than impressed with his GOP opponents in those regards. Both seem to us minions of the political Left, engaged in political combat only as to who rules but hardly disagreeing as to how.

Bush boosted healthcare by adding prescription coverage; Obama upped him with Obamacare. Bush ‘surged’ a ton of troops into Iraq that hadn’t attacked the U.S, Obama did the same in Afghanistan that hadn’t attacked the U.;S. either. Neither President seemed concerned about the lack of money to pay for his follies.The only difference we see, is whose friends collect the goodies.

Just now, Obama is collecting flak for his foreign policy, just as Bush did. President Obama is reviled as “weak” and castigated for Russia’s Ukraine grab, Syria’s revolution and presently, his rescue of a soldier, a trivial matter on the world scale. These ‘charges’ are ridiculous; the Prez is reducing America’s world presence because he has run out of money to pay for anything else. . These antics do serve to cover and distract from realities such as his misuse of the IRS  and the DOJ against political opponents, the apparent mishandling of Benghazi, the already forgotten “Fast and Furious” gun smuggling, his cavalier taking and disposing of the U.S. auto industry(a continuation of Bush acts) and his present disregard of U.S. law regarding his importation of hordes of illegal aliens at the border. By tomorrow it will all have disappeared into the media’s black memory hole, buried in some new ‘crisis.”

Presidents no longer seem to govern; they just jump from crisis to crisis with in Obama’s case, some golf in between. And it all serves mainly to distract from whatever is really going on, which in the U.S. these days, seems mainly to be the deconstruction of the middle class. Perhaps that’s a goal? Wouldn’t do to advertise that, but we know you can’t install the Left’s collective policies in the face of a property-owning, prosperous middle class, right? Such folk resist handing it all over to the government for redistribution by wiser heads … If that’s the real program, it seems to be succeeding with nary a peep from the victims. But that is obviously an exaggeration, crazed. Next thing you know, we’ll think that the government is going after the churches …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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