Whom Are The Owners Of Children’s Minds?

Common Core -- Forevermore!

Common Core — Forevermore!

Consider for a moment, the impending impact of the Internet upon public education. Obviously, some hundred thirty thousand school plants and staffs are now unnecessary to educate kids.

Their secondary function, warehousing said kids while their parents are at work, can be assumed at much lower cost by the private sector while the Internet delivers the education. And unless the government interferes, that education will be better and offer many more choices.

Realistically, as this nirvana must occur over the dead bodies of unions, educators and the politicians who represent them, it will not occur as soon as it should. Indeed, if school teachers had been regular users of buggy whips, we would still be seeing them, or at least our kids would. Nevertheless, the change will occur at some point and the relevant question then will be: What will the kids be taught?

If government has its way, that question will never come up: Kids will be taught whatever the government decrees that they should learn. The ongoing Common Core program of uniform nationwide curriculum standards is intended to supply exactly that. If on the other hand, the government is somehow kept out of the market, the kids will learn whatever their parents select for them from a wide variety of choices. That’s how markets, left alone, function.

That ‘left alone’ part will be crucial and it will occur over the dead body of government and whatever remains at that point of the educational establishment. We do not care to wager on the point, though our preferences are all for truly public education as opposed to government imposition of same. But we are known to be fond of obsolete ideas …

This scenario is already being decided, under the radar. Common Core is resisted in a few places — not many — and the collective media (pun intended) are remaining quiet to facilitate the progress of the program before too many realize what’s up. The questions for American citizens are two: First, do you want centralized ¬†control of public education into the future? And second, if not, what are you going to do about it?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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5 Responses to Whom Are The Owners Of Children’s Minds?

  1. When I was a kid, a long time ago, I heard the theory floated that the purpose of education was to fit children for their designated roles in society, a la Huxley. If you were an epsilon with brains, tough, a toilet cleaner you were going to be. (A theory alluded to in Tom Paxtons song, “Mr Blue”). Of course, in the optimistic 60s this was heresy. We believed we were experiencing the new golden age of meritocracy, which was being proved by the massively increased numbers of designated “lower” class people making good their education and accessing top universities. But there are only so many top jobs in the world, paying 6-figure salaries, for hobby work hours, and the elite don’t need competition from millions of intelligent, driven, underlings, suitably qualified. It is a logical progression from McJobs to McEducation. But how to prevent the not totally compliant from by-passing the school handicap, and self-educating? Close libraries. Rid libraries of anything intelligent. Ramp up costs of further education including distance learning so they are only affordable to the already rich. And the big problem – control the net. There appears to be an all-out war on the boon of free factual information on the net, from the “authorities” more than is simply justified for controlling criminal behaviour, which seems to be an area they are relatively tolerant of. Too many notably intelligent sites go quiet, for no apparent reason. I am still miffed at the discontinuance of Massey’s horse racing statistics.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      The Internet must be the prime target for every government on the planet; it makes citizens more dangerous than legal gun ownership … Or so it seems to me. And your comment would make a useful course in political science. Wonder what would be the result if they taught that stuff to young people?

  2. They used to. We were taught to think at school, not punished for it.

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