Comparing Afghan Kidnappers With Dream Act Racketeers: Who’s Worse?

THE END: By The Taliban

THE END: By The Taliban

“Western Couple Abducted” doesn’t tell us much. The story isn’t full of detail either. She was pregnant; one is American and one, Canadian apparently. They were traveling in the mountains near Kabul, in Afghanistan. And they were kidnapped.  and the Taliban has produced a couple of videos of them asking for help for them and for their son, who apparently arrived in captivity. That’s all, and that was 2012. Their governments were notified, they said.

It differs a bit from Sergeant Bergdahl, right? It does, indeed. The sergeant was ordered to Afghanistan; we have no clue why the “Western Couple” was “traveling” in the Afghan mountains. Trying for a Darwin Award? They may qualify. Doing secret service? Working for an aid agency or a church? Dunno. But we’re confident that nobody’s planning to trade a bunch of Taliban for them. We’ll read, if we hear at all, of their heads sawed off with a rusty knife some morning when their captors are tired of feeding them. And their son will never be heard of again unless he dies killing Allah’s enemies, i.e. men and children in some market or church. President Obama has no need of them. And nor does the media. It will be a lonely couple of deaths; the Taliban aren’t very nice.

Meanwhile, someone has spent big bucks in Central America, urging unaccompanied

KIDS: Welcome To The U.S.

KIDS: Welcome To The U.S.

kids to trek north and attempt the U.S. border, assuring them of a welcome via local radio.  The campaign has produced an already overwhelming — and growing — lemming-like surge of kids at the border, where the U.S. authorities have orders to let them in and apparently, dump them onto child welfare service. Someone in the U.S. wants an inundation of wetback kids … Who? Well, who wants to pass the “Immigration Reform” Dream Act? The bill stuck in Congress because the people don’t want amnesty? President Obama (D) and Speaker Boehner (R), for two; both have urged passage. And who cares what happens to fifty or sixty thousand kids crossing Mexico alone? Once the Dream Act assures future votes and cheap labor, forget them …

Hmnn … We’re trying to balance the moral equivalents here, Taliban abductions versus seducing and deluding fifty thousand Central American kids for an advertising campaign. You may decide who are the greater users of innocent lives for yourself …



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5 Responses to Comparing Afghan Kidnappers With Dream Act Racketeers: Who’s Worse?

  1. Why? – Encouragement of child migrants. Of course, when such things are encouraged we are never given an explanation. Just left guessing. Is it to trash services by causing over subscription? In the UK children in care are more likely than any other group of children to end up as prostitutes, drug takers and in prison. Has someone figured out, why go to the trouble of child trafficking for sexual services, if you just invite them to walk in en masse?

  2. Jack Curtis says:

    Perhaps the sending parents are relieved of a dependent in good conscience, the politicians gain the use of their hostages without responsibility and the pimps and Fagins will have free selection from the survivors; what’s not to like?

    History says it’s just business as usual ,,, Except that, in a few places, for a little while, it was different …

  3. Yes – business as usual. And no intelligent discussion on the mainstream media – as usual.

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