Bergdahl, Benghazi … And Baloney!

MagicianYou ever get tired of being played for a sucker? We are tired of it, whether done by the government or by the media that now mostly speaks for that government, but for the Internet. All that our major networks news lacks these days, is the name “Tass” or “Pravda” or with a slightly more delicate conceit: “Trud.”

Once the Benghazi process ground down to what passes in Congress for seriousness with the appointment of a select committee, we are suddenly diverted onto the ransoming of a U.S. soldier at the price of five senior Taliban (Plus any other items unmentioned). Presto! No more Benghazi! Instead, we are told variously that the ransomed captive Bergdahl is an honorable soldier of distinguished service (Susan Rice, who said of Benghazi: “It was the video!”) or that he was a deserter who converted to Islam and taught Taliban bomb-making (Per the Taliban).

We dunno and we have trouble these days believing Administration or media. Though at least the media has Internet competition to out its worst Truth incidents. You may decide for yourself whom to believe (if anyone) in cases such as these. We doubt them all …

Benghazi seems important to us. A high-ranking U.S.  diplomat was apparently left to hang after doing as told providing arms to Syrian “rebels” who were Islamist terrorists. Why was he not provided the security he requested? We’ll never know; neither Democrats nor Republicans really want us to know, from what we can see. So the appearance of Sgt. Bergdahl is a Godsend, wiping the entire Benghazi scene from the present.

Lest we forget, our ambassador wasn just “killed.” He was stripped, cut, burned and his genitals were cut off. He was then dragged — literally — through the streets until ultimately, being thrown into a sewage ditch at roadside, still sort of alive. We have no report of details of the deaths of his three companions; we doubt they were pleasant.

The massive Administration cover-up proceeds today, obfuscating whatever happened and whomever was responsible. Sgt. Bergdahl is doing hs job. Of whom we say only this: We have no clue whether he is a hapless victim or a noble soldier. Nor do we expect ever to know his truth; too much politics obscures the view. Whatever the case, his life in the U.S. is now worthless; he is the new George Zimmerman, a loser however it comes out. The Obamas and Hillarys of this world aren’t concerned over their trails of broken butterflies …

And in the wings, the doughty minions of the media are no doubt, preparing the next crisis to distract us from this one. We have already grown bored with and forgotten, Bengazi … exactly as intended. Never mind the IRS etc. As the old vaudeville stage magicians used to say, “Now you see it … And now, you don’t!”

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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7 Responses to Bergdahl, Benghazi … And Baloney!

  1. We need a new layer of bureaucracy, the Bureau of Scandals. It really is like a shell game, just one crisis after another to distract us from the previous one. Are you sure we’re only on the B’s? We’re never going to make it halfway through the alphabet at this rate.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      24 letters to go; the VA doesn’t count … It’s a manufactured scandal; normal government service suddenly scandalous? The VA has remained for generations of periodic re-discovery … And soon forgotten until it comes ’round again in some future Administration.

      Nice to have some things upon which we we know we can rely …

  2. michael says:

    Who would have thought that MORE criminal acts would distract to the point that they all become numb. This last effort by the Obama dictatorship is surely treason.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      A top-selling 1964 book by an (ironically) anti-communist author was titled: “None Dare Call It Treason.” Homo sapiens ought to be Homo comoedias or some such …

  3. James Teague says:

    Quite possibly any attempt by locally available assets trying to help during the attack would have led to even more Americans dead as there were not enough available to fight off hundred(s) of well armed, trained Islamists. It”s disturbing that other, more distant, but more potent assets were told to stand down when no one knew how long the attack would last. Some planes or helicopters might have gotten there, but there would not have been much left to save at the 7 hour mark. No one knew at the time that would be the end of the attack.

    Administration, Clinton and media, Congressional misdirection refers to the attack and aftermath and carefully steers away from the cause: The Gadhafi regime manpad weapons and other anti-tank equipment that was being funneled to Syrian rebels under Hillary’s insistence over the objections of the our military. When the ambassador tried to get these back under control, the Islamists came to take them permanently and anything else they could carry away. They even accomplished more theft on the equipment that was stored for the “punishment” special force teams who had identified the attackers and just needed the approval for “payback”. These people had to get out of Dodge City before they were attacked and stripped.

    Besides the Drudge Report tee shirt: What difference does it make?” with Hillary’s face, perhaps we need another one: “Remember Benghazi!” especially all during 2015-2016.

    As for Bergdahl, nice he is home. The price was high, not just the Taliban leaders, but in more soldiers who died looking for him. Perhaps it will be worse when the Taliban terrorists “disappear” from their Qatar handlers who are currently allowing them free movement all over the country. Rather than elevation to a hero status, Bergdahl should be tried on the serious allegations of intentional desertion to the enemy. Care to take bets on whether that will ever occur?

    • Jack Curtis says:

      It continues to become more difficult to believe the Administration or the media these days; too many interests are involved in too many stories, seem o me. No bets on Bergdahl; one report says he’s being promoted to Sfc. Likely depends now on how long the media remain on his case?

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