New Brain Science May Bring Tinfoil Hats Into Fashion …

"Power corrupts ...

“Power corrupts …

Whether some of the current reports are coming from brain science labs or from: “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” is becoming difficult to say for sure. Specific memories, we are now told, have been suppressed and reactivated in rats. Electrical stimulation of monkey’s brains is resulting in altering their otherwise, free choices. And as if those were not troublesome enough, it appears that homosexuality is definitely of genetic origin.

Folks enshrining human liberty and the Judeo-Christian religious among us should be terrified and likely are, or will be as the news gets out. Looking at things from a Murphy’s Law standpoint, we see proliferating computers that provided us the Internet, also providing us he NSA. So now that electronic mind-control is visible on the horizon, what will that bring as a government response? You may do well to consider that for a bit.You may disagree, but the tingle that runs up our leg while considering these things is no fun at all. We are devotees of the 9th Beatitude from (or should have been) Scripture: “Blessed is he who expecteth the worst, for he shall not be disappointed.”

Going beyond what government might do with electronic brain control, a subject requiring but little imagination these days, we dwell for a moment instead upon the currently hot topic of homosexuality and consider the impact of an unarguably genetic source. That means, homosexuals can’t help their condition; they have no chosen it; it has chosen them. And taking this logically, they are as much God’s creation as any others of us. We cannot imagine how many, more fundamentalist, churches will cope with that. Denial, of course. Then what? How escape the corner into which a number of these have painted themselves? These are hard enough times for churches; they hardly need this particular chunk of reality to fall upon them. But persecuted homosexuals need it and the timing if nothing else, underlines once again the piquancy of the Creator’s sense of humor … And no, we are not supporters of gay marriage, that seems to us, biologically ridiculous.

We are supporters of churches though, and the good they do for American society. We are not happy to see them under attack and especially not when government is the attacker. We have come a long way from the Founder’s concern with government setting up a church over society! One must wonder what sort of society we will live in when government has driven off the churches and retains all power to itself. alone. The Progressives of the political Left must salivate at that thought; we do not, in consideration of Lord Acton’s comment that “Power tends to corrupt.” We value as well his expansion of that statement, that absolute power corrupts absolutely. And particularly his addition, that “Great men are usually bad men” because it is true and cautionary in a time when caution is badly needed, a time when we are encouraged to expect government and power to save us with no exertion of our own.

Men of science have ever given us new tools for control of our lives; misuse of those by government is built into myth and history for a reason. Perhaps some good will come of the NSA’s use of technology against us if it gives us to think of what will come as we expand this new knowledge of the human brain and genome …


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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5 Responses to New Brain Science May Bring Tinfoil Hats Into Fashion …

  1. I am reminded of the saying that those who want power are the last people who should have it. But is there a word for compulsive meddlers and fantasists who seek power to enable their addiction? Or again , power is a magnet for the insane?

  2. Michael Curtis says:

    Science has all the answers, if you don’t like one of them you can choose another that disagrees with the first one. The “gay” gene is now considered a “switch”. We are all conceived straight, in the uterus while being developed if the mothers chemistry gets messed up the “Gay” gene can get turned on, creating a gay person. This switch is possible to block so that all children can be born straight. This seems to mean that “gayness” is a curable condition. Or that it is NOT natural (like anyone needs to be told that).

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Science even has answers that it hasn’t used yet …
      The linked report refers to more than one “gay” gene and enlarges upon the reasons for their existence and how the biology work. It has some suggestions too, as to why homosexuality is so pervasive in so many species. It seems likely to be mischievous…

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